Friday, January 27, 2017

A little life update!  We've decided to slow down on blogging until I take the bar exam on February 21st + 22nd.  Today, Katie is in L.A. for a business conference and I'm taking my first practice "practice bar exam" through the company I'm using to prep.  It's 6 hours long and I'm so nervous, as it's supposed to be a semi-accurate reflection of my progress thus far and telling of my future bar exam score for the non-essay portion.  I'd like to give a personal thank you to all the sweet readers and Instagram followers who've left me words of encouragement on my hard days - they were so appreciated and so needed. <3

I'd also like to thank black coffee for fueling my 8-12 hour a day study sessions that have already happened and the weeks of future ones. ;)  Also, I've started hoarding coffee cups (moreso than I already did) and find myself Amazon Prime'ing them every so often when I need a new one in the mix. Because, why not?! Wish me luck!

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