Friday Favorites #77

Friday, January 6, 2017

This week's Friday Favorites post started out looking quite wintery and sort of evolved into a little bit of a mid-Winter color-bomb! haha.  The weather here has been fluctuating a ton (60 degrees early this week, snowing as I type this) so, I've been wearing a lot of my summer dresses with sweaters over them and that sort of leaked into my picks this week too, I especially love this Vichy Dress in Cherry Red + White Print.  I also really loved this Boldy Go Wear You've Never Been Dress because the art on the top of the dress looks very Mary Blair-esque and this Retro Glam Barbie Skirt.  So many cute, bright things!

photos via this ebay listing
THIS EBAY LISTING for a pretty pink 1963 Field and Stream Camper... oh my God, I've never wanted to spend a crazy amount on eBay more.

Cinderella Carriage  |  Pretty Pink Castle  |  Carousel Enchantment  |  Carousel Cutie
I fell head over heels at first sight of Femme de Bloom's new Femme and Fairy Tale Collection, seriously how cute is that little Cinderella Carriage Pin?

I posted this on my Instagram yesterday but, I'm excited I finally bought plate hangers for these cute little retro-style Disney plates Collin and I picked up on our honeymoons.  They've been in a pile our china cabinet for an eternity.

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