2016: Outfit Faves + Flashbacks

Monday, January 2, 2017

Saying hello to 2017 and goodbye to 2016 seemed like a good time to look back at some of our favorite outfits over the past year, so here we go!

Amanda's Faves, 2016:
 1) Doll Dress in Slap and Tickle Print via Trashy Diva (no blog post)
2) My Graduation Outfit: My grandmother's Velvet Wiggle Dress + Cape from 1950s (no blog post)
3) Pontchartrain Beach Set via Trashy Diva (no blog post)
4) La Femme Chic Dress via Von 50's (no blog post)
5) Vickie Dress in Green c/o Tatyana (post)
6)  Red + Navy Tartan Hepburn Swing Dress c/o Unique Vintage (post)

When I look back, a lot of my favorite outfits from 2016 are ones that may have ended up on my Instagram, but not never quite made it the blog and I wonder if it's because I associate specific occasions with them.  I wore outfit #1 to some friends' wedding and outfit #2 is what I graduated law school in last month and it is incredibly sentimental because the dress and cape belonged to my grandmother.  Of course, I also had tons of outfits I loved that DID end up on the blog and re-wear all the time!  The Vickie Dress has become my favorite for work and y'all see the Hepburn Dress on the blog all the time because it just might be my current favorite dress style (my grandma told me it reminds her of an old Butterick patterns).  Hello 2017, goodbye 2016 -- I'll try harder to document/ get more of my faves onto the blog this year.

Katie's Faves, 2016:  
3.  Tara Starlet Separates (Post)
4.  Denim Overall Jumper c/o The Oblong Box Shop (Post)  
5. Mint Seville Hepburn Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Company (Post)
6.  Wine Dots Audrey Mini Dress c/o Trashy Diva (Post)

Looking back at the outfits I wore over the past 12 months was extremely enlightening to see how my style has changed and it makes me wonder how it'll continue to change.  One of the funniest things that I noticed while picking out pictures was my ever changing hair color, length and style.  I think I'm finally happy with how it looks so it'll likely stay this way for a while.  What makes these specific 6 my favorite is not only my styling of them in these specific instances, but how often I re-wear them and change it up.  I've worn all of theses pieces and dresses so many times, which just speaks to how much I love them.  I also giggled when I saw all of the different photo locations that I had scouted out and used this year.  2016 was such a fun year as far as style went, and I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store.

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