Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Amanda: Alexa Dress in Doogwood Print c/o Trashy Diva  |  Bracelets - Splendette
  Vintage 1940's Dogwood Hat - Playback Vintage  |  Olive Green Wedges - Re-Mix Shoes

Katie: Dogwood High-Waist Shorts + Lena Blouse c/o Trashy Diva | Flower Brooch - Vintage
Black Tights - Similar | D'orsay Flats - Similar | Magenta Tootsie Cardigan c/o Doll Me Up

When we first saw the Dogwood Collection from Trashy Diva...we will admit that maybe we cried a little bit.  That may seem a bit excessive, but being raised in Georgia/Tennessee means that playing around literally IN the dogwood trees was a summer pastime for us as kids.  We, of course, fall head over heels for any print that invokes that level of nostalgia... and in this case, so much so that we actually bought additional pieces from this collection.  The bright colors, floral print and flat rayon fabric are going to make this the absolute most wonderful collection for Summer...but of course we couldn't wait until then.

I (Katie) originally planned to wear this outfit with white sandals and a big ol' Summer hat, but when I woke up this morning it was 30 my stubborn self opted to still wear shorts, but to 'winterize' them a bit.  I brought my large coat with me, but wanted to snag some pictures with and without the cardigan to fully show off how wonderful the Lena Blouse is. This collection was flat (not stretch) rayon so I opted for a 4 in it, at 35" bust I probably could've sized down to a 2, but I love being comfortable.  In the High-Waist Shorts, I followed the sizing that I took for the Chambray Shorts and sized up to a 6.  There is minimal stretch, so I definitely made the right choice

I (Amanda) took a size 2 in the Alexa Dress which is smaller than my normal size 4, but I think I might have lost some weight from bar exam stress.  The top runs a bit blouse-y so definitely take that into account when you're selecting your size if you're not well endowed (like me haha).  So that I didn't have bra showing issues due to the plunge neckline I'm wearing my Gossard Plunge Bra with the dress.  I think my favorite part about the dress is the little cross-cross petal sleeves. 


Friday, January 27, 2017

A little life update!  We've decided to slow down on blogging until I take the bar exam on February 21st + 22nd.  Today, Katie is in L.A. for a business conference and I'm taking my first practice "practice bar exam" through the company I'm using to prep.  It's 6 hours long and I'm so nervous, as it's supposed to be a semi-accurate reflection of my progress thus far and telling of my future bar exam score for the non-essay portion.  I'd like to give a personal thank you to all the sweet readers and Instagram followers who've left me words of encouragement on my hard days - they were so appreciated and so needed. <3

I'd also like to thank black coffee for fueling my 8-12 hour a day study sessions that have already happened and the weeks of future ones. ;)  Also, I've started hoarding coffee cups (moreso than I already did) and find myself Amazon Prime'ing them every so often when I need a new one in the mix. Because, why not?! Wish me luck!

Lots of Leopard

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Katie: Wild Leopard Troublemaker Dress - Vixen by Micheline Pitt | Heartbreaker Flats - Amazon
Gold Glitter Hoops c/o Bow and Crossbones | Lipstick:  Besame Red - Besame Cosmetics

Amanda: Bad Girl Top in Black  +  Vixen Skirt in Leopard Print  +  Bless Your Heart Pin
all by Vixen by Micheline PittMandalaye Ballet Flats - Amazon

Since the first time we tried pieces from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, we've been obsessed!  Like a lot of gals in the vintage reproduction scene, we never knew structured pieces could be so comfortable.  I personally am in love with the Troublemaker Dress for a few reasons.  First, the zipper is the best f*cking zipper ever.  There is absolutely no struggle in getting it zipped up and I'm not worried that it'll rip out of the dress.  That alone has me sold.  It also has plenty of stretch for my big 'ol hips, but I can also move freely with ease.  The fact that the dress has true long sleeves is just another factor that has me in love.  Finding long-sleeve, not 3/4 length sleeve is SO much harder than you might think.  I am in dire need of the black version so I can wear it to work events and feel cute + fully covered!

Another thing we love about these pieces is that they are SO. INSANELY COMFORTABLE and easy to wear.  Our favorite thing is spending as little time as we possibly can getting ready while still looking put-together and these are totally the perfect pieces for that. I love that the Bad Girl Top acts as an actual crop top, even for petite women.  This is actually the first crop top I've ever owned that actually fit like it should.  As for the  Vixen Skirt, I love the giant pockets (Katie and I have iPhone 7s Plus' and even those fit).  I have mine hemmed from the 27" stock size to 25" (for reference). I hope both pieces come in more colors this spring! Maybe red?! Hot pink? Light pink? I'd be SO STOKED! 

Friday Favorites #78

Friday, January 20, 2017

This week's Friday Favorites post was almost all mustard until I forced myself to pick other things but, I will say, I'm obsessed with mustard right now. I've been spending 8 - 12 hours a day studying for the bar so... now-a-days, I'm hardly ever in more than a t-shirt (if I bother to put "real" clothes on at all) so, I'm living vicariously through dresses online and everyone elses amazing outfits! haha. I'm head over heels about this cute little 3/4 Sleeve Lemon Dress  and this 3/4 Sleeve Gingham Dress because I've started really appreciating the ease of covering my tattoos when I want to without a sweater and dresses like this will usually transition well year round!  Also, how cute is this print + little bow on this Waffle Cone Swing Dress?!

all photos via HK Lane Real Estate
THESE PHOTOS! This house that Walt Disney and Lillian lived in during their later years.  Walt had the house built in 1962, around the time when Walt Disney Presents switched from black-and-white to color, and the name changed to Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It's absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to move to Palm Springs ASAP.

Feathered Camel  |  Kiwi Green  |  Red  |  Candy Pink  - via HatsbyJoannaViolet
I could not be more obsessed with the Etsy shop Hats by Joanna Violet right now.  She is such an incredibly talented lady and the prices are incredibly reasonable. I'm going to order one as soon as I find the perfect dress to wear with one of them!

This is how "well" Lady Thackery Binx has been handling having me home more and yet... my lap being occupied all the time.  Needless to say, she's not a fan.

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Darling + May

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Katie: Grey Fleck Jess Top + Darling Skirt in Black c/o Lady K Loves
All Tapped Out Burgundy Mary Jane Heels c/o ModCloth | Spider Brooch - Similar

AmandaSplendid Top in Burgundy + May Trousers in Coffee c/o Lady K Loves
Charcoal Dagger Brooch + Bracelets - Splendette  |  Spring-o-Lator Mules - vintage (similar)

We are no strangers to Lady K Loves and all of the wonderful clothing they produce.  Generally, when talking about Lady K Loves in the vintage reproduction community you will very often see their jeans mentioned.They are one of the only brands who makes denim that truly accommodates hourglass figures, which means they are Katie's holy grail of jeans. For this post, we wanted to show off some of the other wonderful items that they have!  Katie opted for the Darling Skirt in Black, because it's a good basic skirt, but lightweight unlike her other black skirts.  She's also obsessed with the Jess Top and is buying the mustard one ASAP.  She liked how much stretch the top provided so she didn't have to size up for her bust, like usual.

Lady K Loves has been SO ACCOMMODATING about letting me try several styles by trial and error to report back the most petite friendly style and it turns out, it's these really cute May Trousers.  The rise is shorter than most of her other styes so, they hit in the perfect place on my short torso!  As for other fit info, I cuffed the bottoms out of preference (they hit right at my ankles) and though I went with the smallest size, they were a bit loose, so I wash and dried them on "hot" before wearing them. I love the little triangle pockets and I love how the Splendid Top pairs with them in a way that it looks like I'm wearing a belt, without having to wear one because - lazy.