Pink Lemonade + Mermaid

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

KatiePink Lemonade Bobbie Jumper c/o Miss Fortune | High-Waist Jean - American Apparel Minnetonka Moccasins - Amazon | Pink Cherry Brooch - Luxulite

AmandaMermaid Bobbie Jumper c/o Miss Fortune  |  Victory Red Pin - Besame Cosmetics
Denim Overall Flare Skirt Jumper via the TOBS Original "Thread & Mitre" Collection
Marissa Heels in Marine c/o Miz Mooz  |  Bracelets - Splendette

We are always on the hunt for vintage sweaters, because they make the perfect first layer when you're needing to bundle up.  Unfortunately, we run into a lot of moth-eaten, falling apart sweaters on our hunt so vintage reproduction is definitely a great option for us.  Last year, almost to the day, we first blogged Miss Fortune's amazing harlequin jumpers.  We were delighted when the new colorways were released, because a gal can never have too much harlequin in her wardrobe.

We have found that these jumpers are the perfect statement piece no matter what you pair them with. We have worn them with skirts, high-waisted pants, denim and even shorts.  The quality and construction really reminds us of true vintage pieces, which makes these jumpers a staple for us in the winter.  We especially love how stretchy they are so they accommodate different undergarments and any weight gain from all of the food this time of year.  If you have a longer torso, like me (Katie), you may run into the issue of the jumper coming slightly untucked since they are cropped for high waist items.  I have only had this issue with some high rise jeans and capris, but generally it's an easy fix of tucking the jumper into any shorts shapewear I have on.  They are a little loose on us, but it's nothing washing on hot can't fit. ;)

// Check out our review of the Thread + Mitre Denim Jumper here if you'd like more info about it.

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