Friday Favorites #76

Friday, December 23, 2016

I was all geared up this week to do another holiday themed Friday Favorites post and realized Christmas is in TWO DAYS!  I got so busy at work - Plaintiffs always seem more willing to settle their lawsuits at the end of the year, I assume because people want money around the holidays - and starting my study plan for the bar exam that it just snuck up on me!  So, in lieu of a themed post, we're taking it back to the tried and true "whatever I add to my favorites over a two week period" method. haha

I told y'all weeks ago that it was going to be my personal year of plaid but for the colder seasons, I also love a good "dark floral" and my hands down favorite this year are the assorted colorways of the Fallflower Print (seen in 3 and 8) by Hearts and Found.  I talk about this shop constantly but seriously y'all, if you haven't invested in one of their pieces yet, you're missing out and I don't think I've ever said that.  I also really love the Janet Swing Dress in Dark Gray with Red Trim since it's the perfect mix of cute and classy and I might have to order myself one soon.

Kathryn Burnett / Via Facebook: kathryn.burnett.35
Oh my god... this lady's Harry Potter themed Christmas tree gives me a new life goal and now I need a second Christmas tree so I can make this happen.  Katie and I always go crazy at Universal and now I know what to do with all the things I buy...  There are more/up close photos here.

via Adam Ellis Art
I cried laughing at these nail polish shades. Adam Ellis clearly has a full grasp of my holiday feelings, I think my personal favorite might be "You brought a pecan pie when you knew I was bringing a pecan pie?"... because we've all had those "dessert table has 4 of the same desserts" feelings.

Also, Playful Promises Lingerie just launched a Bettie Page Lingerie line and it's absolutely adorable, I posted this photo on my Instagram yesterday but I wanted to reiterate that I love it and it still makes me feel like all I want for Christmas is my rich husband's death.

Here are some other adorable things I found while lurking the interweb this week:

// Bonus: if you haven't seen this article already, peruse 43 Interesting Vintage Snapshots of Women Posing by Christmas Trees in the 50s-60s because some of them are hilarious.  I'm especially impressed by the people who have mounted their Christmas tree color wheel to the ceiling.

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