Friday Favorites #75: Christmas, Part II

Friday, December 9, 2016

This year seems to have blown by and I'm excited to say that I'm graduating law school tomorrow... TOMORROW! There are times when it seems like the last few years in school have flown by and times when it feels like they creeped by so slowly.  As excited as I am, I know the bar exam is going to literally test the limits of my sanity, so I'm keeping it in check.  In the meantime, we're doing one last Christmas Friday Favorites post because they're just too much fun... and I need a distraction. ;)

3)  Cocktail Party Dress by VioletsinMay1945
4)  Peggy Wrap Dress by Seamstress of Bloomsbury
5)  Hostess Holiday Dress by The Oblong Box Shop
6)  Scarlet Pencil Dress by Heart My Closet

This time, I made sure some of the outfits were wintery and some were Christmasy so you could keep wearin' them through the season but some of the Christmas stuff was too cute not to share!  All of The Oblong Box Shop's Christmas offerings are amazing and this Winter Sports Pleated Skirt and this Peggy Wrap Dress are killing me.

In news totally unrelated to Christmas, I recently discovered you can Amazon Prime plants to yourself... and now I'm addicted and I fear soon we're going to be living in a forest of house plants.  My first purchase was the Snake Plant (also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue)... there have been many since.
via Stardust Dames
My sort of Christmas brooch... these Nightmare Before Christmas man eating wreath brooches are the perfect kind of "festive".

I finally got all my Christmas decorations up at home which was quite an accomplishment but I love my aluminum tree more every year and next year, I think we're going to try two. My poor husband.

I was so happy to see this amazing little Wes Anderson Christmas short!  It's adorable and I'm happy to have something new to watch since The Grand Budapest Hotel, even if it is basically a glorified commercial... it's still cute AF.

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