Curlettes Curlers: Review + Tutorial

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We almost never do hair tutorials and I'll be the first to admit, it's because they're incredibly time consuming.  But, we absolutely love sharing what we pick up over time with you ladies so, I'm really excited to share Curlettes curlers with y'all, which I've been trying out for a few months now.  I also figured I'd take the opportunity to do a tutorial of my my go-to hairstyle.

an intimate look at Curlettes
I have long, thick hair so, heat curl and styles don't stay in my hair anywhere near as long as an overnight wet set.  If I'm going to put in the effort, I want at least a good 2-3 days out of it. I've probably tried just about everything: pin curls, varying sizes of curling irons, varying sizes of sponge and non-sponge curlers, heated and non-heated curlers, rockin' rollers and while I love them all for different things, my current hands down favorite curl method is to do a wet set using Curlettes.

Curlettes are crocheted so when you're wet setting curls overnight, they're SO MUCH more comfortable than any other type of curler.  Also, of course, I love the results.  Here is my go-to style created with Curlettes (scroll down to the bottom of the post for a promo code for 10% off your order). I recommend reading everything through once before styling your hair.

What you'll need:
1. Curlettes curlers   |   2. Large, silk scarf   |   3. Setting lotion like Lottabody   |   4. Duck Bill Clip
5. Brushes: I use Denman, Cushion Brush and Boar Bristle Brush   |   6. Butterfly Clips
7. Hairspray like Bedhead Masterpiece   |   8. Sponge Curler (optional)   |   9. Mini Bobby Pins
10. NOT PICTURED: I forgot, a teasing brush   |   * Suavecita Pomeade (optional)

Step 1:  I will list the step, then provide the photos for the step below it.  Full disclosure, I'm on second day hair and I wet set my hair the previous night.  As y'all can see, it got slept and rained on, so it's got some curl, but it's droopy.

We're going to start by side parting then sectioning the hair, taking the remaining hair and putting it in Butterfly Clips out of the way.  Spritz the section with setting lotion and brush it out.  Curl time!  We are curling everything under.  Roll your Curlettes curler to the root, bend the curler outwards in the opposite direction you're curling the hair.  Then, guide the end of the curler through the loop and pull. One down!

  When you finish that section your hair will look like this in the back:

Step Two:  Once you've finished that section, take out your butterfly clips, let another section of hair down, pin the remaining hair up and start again!  Spritz, brush, curl, repeat EXCEPT make a little square and leave a small, top, front section of hair on the side of your part that has more hair out of curlers for now.  We're saving this for last, don't curl it yet.  See below, I have that section pinned up in the bottom two photos for reference.  I will explain in Step 3

Step Three: This step is 100% personal preference.  I'm still teaching myself the "front curl".  I try new things all the time, it's trial and error.  However, I find I get the best results when I use a sponge curler instead of a Curlettes curler for the very front.  You can use one of the Curlettes curlers and have amazing results, I just don't have actual layers in the front.  I have grown out bangs, and they are quite heavy.

If you use a sponge curler, you are going to roll it back towards the back of your head then, to secure it while you sleep, spin the curler and use a duck bill clip to clamp it into place.  If you're using a Curlette Roller, you're basically doing the same thing, roll backwards.  When you're finished, you'll look like a 50's reinterpretation of Medusa.

Step 4:  Now, it's time to go to sleep! To protect your curls, we're going to tie them up in a silk scarf.  Silk scarves reduce frizziness and if your hair is already frizzy like mine, you need all the help you can get.  Make a triangle with the scarf and place it at the base of your neck with the middle point aligning with your nose.  Bring the sides up, tie them together, tuck the point back and finish off your bow!  Secure it with some of the mini bobby pins so it stays in place while you sleep.

Step 5: GOOD MORNING! It's time to take the curlers out and give the curls a good brush.  Don't take the front curlers out (whether they be sponge or Curlettes) quite yet.  I use two brushes: first, a Denman Cushion Brush to brush the curls out and second, a Denman Boar Bristle Brush for smoothing.  I spray my curls with my Bedhead Masterpiece Hairspray. both before and after I start brushing.

Step 6:  This is definitely the most difficult step.  Watch the GIF a few times or ask me questions if you need additional help.  You're going to take out the front curlers, then tease the ever-loving shit out of the roots of the front section with a teasing brush.  Hairspray the little rat nest you made and let it dry.  I usually try to smooth the dried hair without styling tools by just using my hands so I'm not undoing too much of the tease.

Next, guide the hair down to the side, bending a section towards your forehead in an "S" shape and clipp it with a duck bill clip.  Then, gently smooth the hair with the teasing brush and hairspray it all again, especially the "S" and then let it dry.  You can then remove the alligator clip and anchor it with one or two of the mini bobby pins.

And Voila! You're done!  I know it's tough learning from GIFs and written instructions but I tend to pause YouTube videos every 5 seconds when I'm watching them trying to learn hairstyles anyways haha.  I hope my pictorial guide will be helpful and let you go at your own pace or give you the chance to ask questions before attempting so, let me know if you have any!

You can get 10% off your Curlettes order with promo code "BUGSANDPEACHES10" until the end of April 2017.  For reference, I have a ton of hair, so I use a little over 2 packs.

/// If you ever have questions about our hair + makeup we actually keep a hair + makeup section of our blog, which can be found in the left sidebar under the "search" option, or you can click here

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