Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amanda: Powder Puff Top Red  +  Vintage Lipstick Print Skirt by Vixen c/o Doll Me Up
Nail Polish Lapel Pin by Vixen c/o Doll Me Up  |  Persia Heels c/o Miss L Fire

KatiePowder Puff Top in Pink  +  Makeup and Hair Print Skirt by Vixen c/o Doll Me Up
It's been crazy lately, we are way overdue for our usually regular Doll Me Up post and this month we received items from the Vixen line to review.  We love that Doll Me Up stocks so many different vintage reproduction brands, as it makes trying new things so easy. We've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not we've tried Vixen and about the fit, quality, etc. of the items so we're happy to be able to give you ladies insight on those things.

First, let's talk about the skirts!  Since we both have the same waist measurement (24 inches, but 25 after a lot of tacos) we opted to size up from the x-small and instead went with the size small in the skirts so that we could wear them all day comfortably.  After wearing them all day, we can definitely say that they stretch over time.  So, if you decide not to size up, the skirt may be tight at first but will stretch comfortably with some wear.  Since Amanda is 4'11" she had her skirt hemmed to better suit her height.  I'm 5'7" and haven't altered the Makeup and Hair Print Skirt.  The skirts are made of wonderful stretch, cotton sateen and have the best, biggest pockets!

As for the Powder Puff tops we cannot sing their praise enough!  The heavy cotton is the perfect fabric for the tops, because they sit beneath skirts without having any weird extra fabric.  We both ordered these in a size small, but Amanda is going to go with an extra-small in the future to accommodate her petite shoulders.  We were worried at first about stretching the tops out since they don't have a zipper, but the quality and construction is definitely built to last.  We cannot wait for Doll Me Up to get more stock of these in black and white, because we need ALL of the colors.

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