Monday, November 21, 2016

 Amanda:  Irene Dancers Dress in Teal c/o Palava  |  Tiny Dancer Brooch c/o Deer Arrow
Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear  |  

Katie:  Irene Dancers Dress in Mustard c/o Palava | Tiny Dancer Brooch c/o Deer Arrow

We hope y'all had an amazing weekend!  If you're thinking these designs seem similar, but the name doesn't, you'd be right!  Trademark issues acted as a catalyst for PoppyEngland to become Bryony and Co... and after more trademark problems they've now re-branded again as Palava.  Now that the name change confusion is out of the way, we can get to the fun part!

We love Palava because of their adorable, one-of-a-kind prints and classic dress shapes, especially this new Irene silhouette.  This is a company that pays so much attention to detail, we're always impressed, from the cute contrasting belts (which are reversible) to the lining of the dress, nothing is overlooked and they always have pockets.

We both went for the UK6 this time although Katie is usually in between sizes because of her bust measurement.  Although she loves the fit of the waist in this style, she thinks sizing up is best for bustier ladies.  I love the fit but I'm about a 34 bust (it was a bit snug) and Katie is 35-36.  We thought the length was a fun for all heights, it'll be below the knee (or right at it) on petite ladies and above the knee on taller ladies.  It also looks cute worn as a skirt with a cardigan buttoned over it, I know because I ran to the store in it when it was 50 degrees out and thought they paired nicely together.

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