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Friday, November 18, 2016

Flower Patch Pockets Mini Skirt - ModCloth (Currently 30% Off) | Minnetonka Moccasins - Amazon
White Sabrina Top - Pinup Girl Clothing | Burgundy Tights - Similar | Brooch + Scarf  - Vintage 
Purse - ModCloth (Super Old)

Why is it that whenever a holiday is approaching everything seems to be insanely busy + crazy?  Lately I feel like I've constantly been on the go between my job + family birthdays + impending holiday madness.  Whenever I get this busy, my favorite thing to do is to take a walk to clear my head.  I'm especially loving this now that the Autumn air has crept in and it's actually chilly outside.  Time to stock up on all of my favorite pairs of tights while I can! 

I've been obsessed with corduroy this year.  I'm not sure what switch flipped in my head, but I seriously cannot get enough of it.  So I've been buying a lot of corduroy mini skirts + jumper-style dresses so that way I can dress them up or down.  Of all of my corduroy purchases, this Flower Patch Pockets Mini Skirt from ModCloth is my absolute favorite!  It has snap enclosures, which totally scared me at first but are super sturdy, tiny pockets and the cutest embroidered details.  I wear heels a ton, but I also really love being casual and pairing things with moccasins.  From jeans to skirts, I think mocs add a quirky twist to any outfit.

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