Friday Favorites #73

Friday, October 28, 2016

It's that time again!  Friday Favorites is here (past posts can be found here)!  This one almost didn't happen since I've been so exhausted trying to study for/take all my finals but, since I never sleep anyways, here it is!

In other news, 1) I'm addicted to plaid so sorry in advance for the amount of plaid you'll be seeing in FF's and 2) I've already started making my Black Friday List!  During October and November, I try to start saving money for Christmas gifts and so I can get more for my money on Black Friday/Cyber Monday so I usually keep a list of "must haves" including this Bernie Dexter Kelly Dress in Red Plaid  and Bernie Dexter Lauren Dress in Leaf Print.  Lots of cute stuff out there, tough decisions will have to be made. ;) Also, go take a closer look at this Retro Barbie Print Skirt because the fabric is AMAZING.

Post-Grad Poise Bag in Navy  |  Uptown Bound Bag  |  Post-Grad Poise Bag in Mocha
I don't know what it is about Autumn that reminds me of suitcases (maybe increased travels for holidays and that fact that I'm addicted to vintage luggage 365 days a year) but I love all these purses that look like tiny little suitcases.

I can't even begin to describe the amount of morbid curiosity I have about reading a children's book written by Stephen King so, naturally, I have already pre-ordered a copy of Charlie the Choo Choo.

Speaking of Stephen King, we also want to move into his spooky house in Maine immediately... imagine being a trick-or-treater in his town on Halloween. FIRST. STOP.

Meows it Going  |  Spring Flowers in Bloom  |  Tipsy Elephants
Java Joe's  |  Once Upon a Time  |  Frutti Tutti
I was really excited to find all these cute brooches from RedHotKitten on Etsy for less than $10 when I was lurking around this week. Look at that little coffee one!

// Past Friday Favorites posts can be found here.

// Also, we're prepping for Halloween but our GMX costumes from last year will be my forever favorite.

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