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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sending My Love Love Letter Brooch - MerriWeather | Taupe Inna Heels - BAIT Footwear

I know there are a lot of people, especially in the vintage + vintage reproduction community, who try and keep their style in one decade. I think I used to cling more to that ideal, but years of vintage collecting and blogging vintage reproduction clothing means that I have definitely broadened my horizons and I love getting to embrace each decade.  I will forever be envious of how chic and elegant Amanda looks in 1940's attire so I always try and channel her a little bit when I wear 40's style things. 

When I do gravitate towards 1940's styles it's definitely the sweaters that I lean towards.  I think this is a.) because I'm always, always, always cold and b.) they just look so effortless if worn with pants or a skirt.  When I saw the design on The Purrfect Cardigan I think I may have died and gone to heaven.  It's no secret that I'm a crazy cat to have a chic way to display that is EVERYTHING to me.  Also, right now the sweater is 10% off using the promo code puurfect10.  Emmy Design, in my opinion, is so worth the price and one of the closest things to real vintage as far as reproductions go.  The quality is beyond amazing and it feels like someones grandma made this sweater.  Which is the highest compliment ever!  

To complete my look, I've been loving this Mini Powder Set from Besame to brighten and correct my complexion.  I use the vanilla color all over and use the lavender under my eyes if my under-eye circles are a little yellow.   I love how authentic their products feel and have been using them non-stop lately.  My other current favorites are the Sweet Pink Rouge + Dusty Rose Lipstick.  Seriously, Sweet Pink has replaced all other blushes in my collection, it suits my skin that well! 

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