Apple Pickin' Mixtape

Friday, October 7, 2016

** BONUS PHOTOS: This is what we looked like when we met. And yep, that's all my real gravity-defying hair. **

We've been slacking when it comes to our bookworm and mixtape posts -- and it's not for lack of loving them!  As far as our bookworm posts are concerned, we have a lot less free time to read (which will hopefully change soon).  But, where music is concerned, when it comes down to it, making mixtapes for y'all (and other people) is so. time. consuming. because we're so picky about curating the playlists and deciding what we want to share! Old favorites or new music? Chill or upbeat? Such tough choices and it doesn't help that my husband is basically Rob Gordon from High Fidelity (which is amazing, if you haven't seen it, you should check it out)! 

Katie and I, originally, sort of indirectly met each other through music.  I grew up in Augusta, GA and Katie grew up in Aiken, SC (they're like 15 minutes apart they're closer than the sound despite the state change haha).  Both are small towns and there wasn't a whole lot to do so if you were "alternative" (for lack of a better term); you were either in a band or you went to shows so, we immersed ourselves in it. And that is how we unofficially met and now, over 11 years later, we're driving to North Georgia to go apple picking and we're sharing some of those wayback songs with y'all - and some new ones!  We hope you love our little mixtape!

// Our past mixtapes can be found here or on Spotify!

// HUGE thank you to Alice Negri Illustration for the drawings of Katie and I!  Check our her art on Instagram @MarlaVonDuta.

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