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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

KatieRed Plaid Wiggle Dress c/o Unique Vintage | Family of Flasks Brooch c/o Erstwilder

AmandaRed + Navy Tartan Hepburn Swing Dress c/o Unique Vintage  |  Taupe Flats - Amazon
Funny Bones Brooch c/o Erstwilder  |  Red Flower Hat - vintage (similar)

It's blowing our minds that it's already almost Halloween!  We have a ton of plans for Halloween, which we are getting excited for! Halloween also happens to be Amanda's husband Collin's birthday so they get to celebrate that too as an added bonus! We don't generally wear a ton of spooky-themed clothing, but plaid is a constant for our autumn style and there are lots of ways to spooky it up so it's a piece you can wear through the rest of the season and into winter.

For the Red Plaid Wiggle Dress, I definitely recommend checking out their sizing chart.  The material is stretchy, but I had to size up to a medium in this one.   Also, as we've mentioned before, Unique Vintage is the exclusive US retailer of The Pretty Dress Company so we're excited to take their newest offering out for a spin, the Red + Navy Tartan Hepburn Swing Dress.  The Hepburn is Amanda's favorite TPDC style because 1) it doesn't have to be hemmed (YESSSS) and 2) it has a great shape without a petticoat.  It's also a great style for work for those of you whose offices feel like Antarctica like ours.

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