Hepburn + Gina

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Amanda:  Green Hepburn Seville Print Dress c/o Unique Vintage  |   Ione Heels - BAIT Footwear
Broomstick Brooch - Femme de Bloom  |  Floral Yellow Hat - vintage (similar)
Bakelite Carved Pale Pink Bangle + Bakelite Bubblegum Pink Bracelet c/o Brighter Bakelite

Katie:  Red Gina Seville Print Dress c/o Unique Vintage | Floral Brooch c/o Luxulite
Yellow Heels - Modcloth (I like these and these) | Lipstick:  Exotic Pink - Besame

In the south (and maybe everywhere else too, y'all will have to let us know)  August and September really kick off "wedding season".  We love weddings because a) free food and b) weddings are the absolute perfect reason to stock-up on pretty, whimsical floral dresses.  Since Tennessee gets a little chillier than Georgia, the longer sleeves on the Hepburn Dress are perfect for outdoor events especially so you don't have to worry about carrying around a cardigan or jacket... and then taking it off to dance, and forgetting it. Whomp.  The swing style of the Gina Dress is great for dancing, and I both opted to wear the canvas underskirt from Pinup Girl Clothing for a little more volume without having to wear a petticoat. Amanda opted not to wear one with the Hepburn dress because the shape was amazing without one but, there was definitely room for one.

Also, I was really excited to finally try out some pieces from Brighter Bakelite recently and picked up these two pink bracelets to add to my growing collection (mixed with some Bakelite yellow spacers here).  I've never owned properly polished Bakelite before but it's putting the rest of my collection to shame and I couldn't recommend the pieces from Brighter Bakelite and Jesse's polishing skills more. He also makes some pretty amazing originals!

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