Friday Favorites #70, Halloween, Part II

Friday, September 16, 2016

We did something a little different this week and let y'all (or those of y'all up late enough to see our inquiry) choose the theme of the Friday Favorites post!  Our last post, which was also Halloween themed, was our most "loved" yet so we thought we'd see if we should continue the trend and get alllll the fun out of Halloween while we could or go back to our regularly scheduled program -- look what won out ;)  Not that I mind because it gives me an excuse to share all the spooky things I bookmark and hardly ever let myself buy with y'all!

OK so, I said it last time but so many people are bringing their A game for Halloween 2016.  Of course, I always have to throw a little Disney in there like the Tightrope Walker Skirt, Jolly Holiday Skirt, Jack Skellington Tuxedo Dress and Sally-Inspired Skirt.  The other great thing about Disney pieces is that you can wear them again because Disney should be "celebrated" 365 days a year.  But then again, I want to buy this Candy Corn Romper and celebrate Halloween 365 days a year.

Also, I don't know how many of y'all watch Stranger Things (if you don't, it's SO GOOD) but I died over this recreation of Eleven's Pink Dress from Stranger Things.  It's easily the best recreation I've seen without lucking into an original vintage piece. As a final aside, Denialle from The Oblong Box Shop illustrates her skirts (the ones seen in #3 and #9) and that just totally blows my mind, go check her shop out!

So I'm reading to grab Katie and head over to the Hicksville Pines Motel in California RIGHT NOW after seeing all the amazing themed rooms they have.  In keeping with the Halloween theme, the Haunted Mansion themed room is pictured above which even has a Doom Buggy Bed!  But it would definitely be hard to choose because they also have a Dita Room (which she helped design), a Mondo Trasho Room (which was designed by John Waters) and a Great Northern Room for us all Twin Peaks lovers.... seriously... smitten.

Little Vampire Buddy Brooch  |  Good Witch Halloween Brooch  |  The Shining Twins Brooch
Wicked Witch Halloween Brooch  |  Vintage Halloween Broomstick Cat Brooch  |   Vintage Halloween Cat Brooch
We are constantly checking back into Kirbee Lawler's Shop and The Storybook Rabbit's Shop because they always have the most amazing pieces and are such amazingly artist ladies. The Vampire Bunny is by Storybook Rabbit and the Shining Twins are by Caperucita Rusa and everything else is by Kirbee.

In other, totally non-Halloween related favorite things, my favorite writer, Neil Gaiman, announced the impending release of his next book, Norse Mythology, for February 2017.  It seems like an eternity to wait but having my favorite fictional writer retell mythology from his standpoint will be SO WORTH IT.  I don't know if y'all remember when we had a little more time to do book reviews (or if you miss them) but I bought him up constantly so if you're looking for something to read... he's your guy!  Also, now I miss doing book reviews...

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