Friday Favorites #69: Halloween Prep Edition

Friday, September 2, 2016

Every year, I take the first opportunity I get to dive headfirst into Fall.  My mom is always the lady with a yard full of decorations and more than enough candy for everyone and my husband Collin's birthday is on Halloween -- so you could say it's always been a pretty big holiday in my house.  That being said, this week's Friday Favorites is Halloween-themed  It might be early but if you're ordering things and prepping for the day, it's well-worth starting ahead of time so you know it gets to you for the day (or week.... or the entire month of October haha). 

 I died a little when I saw this amazing La Bomba Top  +  Halloween Plaid Swing Skirt by Lorlei's Vintage on Etsy, we've featured her things before but this is extra cute.  I also especially love the Black + Burnt Orange Hieroglyph Dress and the Packed Book Skirt because it reminds me of the restricted section at Hogwarts ;)

Snapdragons are one of my favorites and I was lurking Tumblr when I came across this image of the flowers v. dead blooms! How did I never notice  this before!? Beautifully morbid... excuse my while I run away and start examining dead flowers more often for our curio cabinet.

If you have a pretty Halloween + spooky themed outfit, you need some cute accessories to go with it.  I've been collecting cute brooches in my Etsy favorites as they've slowly started being released this year and I'm already overwhelmed by all the cute options!  How beautiful is the art on this Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost Brooch and how cool is it that Oogies Gingerbread Brooch is blacklight sensitive?!  I'm going to be in trouble when even more start popping up!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this DIY of turning lawn flamingos into lawn vultures, I couldn't find the source of the tutorial but it looks like maroon and black spray paint, a white feather boa and some fake body parts from the Halloween store so I'll definitely be undertaking this for our yard.

I am SO READY to visit my favorite pumpkin patch this year!  Last year they were sweet enough to let me snap photos for a blog post there and I can't wait to do it again and pick our own pumpkins in their u-pick field!  Also, unrelated, but we're both addicted to Target and one of our favorite things is seeing their Halloween decor start popping up... they have some extra "tacky cute" stuff this year and now we want all of it. HOW MUCH DOLLAR AREA STUFF CAN WE JUSTIFY BUYING?!  

/  Modcloth is doing 50% off a ton of sale items

/  Unique Vintage is doing 20% off sitewide with promo code "LABORDAY".  

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