Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amanda:  Black Julia Dress c/o Pinup LulaRoe (The Storm Sisters)
Be Still My Bleeding Heart Brooch - Merriweather  |  Black Beret - Amazon  |  Cerelia Pump - Zulily

Katie:  Black Julia Dress + Floral Kimono c/o Pinup LulaRoe (The Storm Sisters)
Heartbreaker Flats - Amazon | Amaze Glasses in Champagne - Bonlook

Did y'all ever watch America's Next Top Model?  I remember watching it in high school and what appealed to me most was the concept of "model basics".  For those that didn't watch ANTM, basically that's just the idea that you should have a handful of basic items in your wardrobe that you can mix 'n' match and/or wear for a simple, chic look.  We love having a mix of things in our wardrobes but we love this concept for our work wardrobes because as most of y'all know, we both work in the legal field and have a lot of restrictions in regards to what we can wear to work, conferences and court.

Katie and I are wearing the same dress but we styled it two totally different ways -- we loved the versatility, it's made of a comfy stretch cotton.  I think these might be our favorite "basic" pieces to date and we had a really fun experience choosing them.  They're from The Storm Sisters Lula Roe which is a shop presented via a Facebook group (basically, it works a lot like all our favorite Swap and Sell Groups on Facebook).  We both have a handful of items we can't wait to share with y'all (like this dress and this skirt) but I think my favorite thing is that if you fall in love with a style its offered in lots of colors/fabrics/designs and they make for great layering pieces. 

// Find additional info about The Storm Sisters' LulaRoe styling on Instagram @LulaRoe_Pinup and #PinupLulaRoe

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