Friday Favorites #68

Friday, August 19, 2016

I couldn't be more ready for this weekend!  I think it's finally cool enough outside (some days) to get back into my weekend morning routine of coffee and books on my porch but I've been really into podcasts lately (mostly true crime, as per usual) so we'll see how that goes!

This week's Friday Favorites selections are some of my favorite novelty printed items on Etsy that I've found through my searches down the rabbit hole like this amazing Lobster Wrap Top and this Mary Poppins inspired Spoonful of Sugar Border Print Skirt!  I love so many of the new things companies +shops have been releasing lately, I need to do another wardrobe cull of things I don't wear in preparation for cooler days and more space... maybe that'll be another weekend task... now I just need someone to come help me decide what I don't need.

via Hirondella
I absolutely love this whimsical watercolor print of Cinderella's Castle by Hirondella.  We're still working out what art we want around our house and this is definitely in the running.

Black + White Dress  |  Gingham Swing Dress  |  Polka Dot Collar Dress
Not that I need any help fueling my vintage addiction, but lately I find myself lurking the Glamourland Vintage etsy shop almost daily.  It's so well curated and she models the majority of her pieces en pointe, so everything is beautifully presented.  Even if you're just "window shopping" it's worth a look and the presentation sells me on things I'd never look at otherwise.

via Danielle V. Green Illustrations
Gacy  |  Jason  |  Freddie  |  Leatherface  |  Pinhead
So all of Danielle's stuff is absolutely amazing (so much good cat art... how can you go wrong?!) but I fell head over heels for her Killer Kitties brooches... and I might need all of them.

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