Friday Favorites #67

Friday, August 5, 2016

MY MIDTERMS ARE FINALLY OVER.... now I can be a real girl again... until finals!  That being said, we've finally gotten back onto an every-other-week Friday Favorites schedule and I get a guilty pleasure out of writing these posts and sharing my wishlists with you ladies!  I think the theme for this week's was "random novelty prints I keep almost buying" but seriously.... look at that  Apple Print Skirt and Picnic Print Dress.  I've also been trying to find more shops that make good staple, solid colored tops to mix things up in my wardrobe and these are some of my top finds.

via Milk Bar Shop
I was so excited when I came across these beautiful + unique leather brooches on Etsy!  My favorites were the collection of Peter Pan Mermaids and Lucille Ball looking regal AF.

I recently splurged on a use pair of Joules Rainboots and I am LOVING them, they were the absolute best investment! How cute are those little ribbons?! They're interchangeable.

via Oh Me Oh My Clothing on Etsy
San Fransisco Victorian  Dress  |  Anatomical Heart Dress  |  Stitch the Cat Dress
Oh Me Oh My Clothing has been in my Etsy favorites for so long and I have no idea why I'm just now getting around to sharing her dresses!  I love that she designs all the fabric in her shop herself, including the three above. Totally a badass with tons of talent.

via girrlscout
Last but certainly not least, we are lusting over this "Face Shit" cosmetic bag by GIRRLSCOUT... it expresses our exact sentiment regarding our make-up. haha

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