Tuesday, August 9, 2016

1) Ray-Ban Cateye Glasses |  2) Bonlook Amaze in Champagne
3) Skunkboy Cateyes in Larissa Lake  |  4)  Derek Cardigan Vincent in Green
1) Kate Spade Lyssa Glasses  |  2) Bonlook Jack & Norma in Champagne  |  3) Bonlook Keiko in Lily White
4) Vintage Aluminum Cateyes (similar)  |  5) Bonlook Keiko in Tessa Tort  |  6)  Vintage Filigree Aluminum (similar)

We're FINALLY getting around to writing a post about our glasses collections because it seems like we've seen an increase in questions about our glasses on Instagram lately.  We've both been wearing glasses since elementary school but, it wasn't until that last few years that we started getting into the idea of having more than one pair of glasses and changing them out every day.

So, where are all our glasses from? I think that's the question we're asked most frequently.  A lot of our favorite pairs are vintage, and you can snag a pair of amazing vintage cateyes on Etsy, your optician will probably retrofit them (that's what it's called when you fill your modern prescription in vintage frames) for you but also, Walmart will put your prescription in a pair of vintage frames if you sign a waiver.

Our "every day" eyewear most days are from Bonlook.  Katie's go-to right now is the Amaze in Champagne and mine is the Keiko style (I own them in 3 colors, I'm obsessed).  A pair from Bonlook will run you between $100 and $120 but them fill your prescription for you and they have an awesome 50% off sale right now so you can snag a pair with your prescription in them for about $50.  We also love Coastal which runs about the same amount with a slightly broader selection.

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