Violets in May

Monday, July 18, 2016

Tropical Print 2-Piece Set c/o VioletsinMay |  Hair Scarf - Vintage (Similar)

Happy Monday!  I hope every had a great weekend.  My weekend has been 50/50 split between obsessing over Pokemon Go and binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  So I'd say overall it was a good balance of walking around my town and staying put on my couch.  Walking around looking for PokeStops led me to one of my favorite parts of town, which includes the cutest little strip of shops.  Since most everything is closed on Sundays, because it's the South, I tend to not make it over this way so it was a nice change of pace.

My 2-piece set from Violets in May was the perfect outfit for going around town.  It's super lightweight so I wasn't too hot, but it's also super comfortable and flattering.  She creates wonderful, vintage inspired pieces.  Vintage tiki and tropical sets go for so much money nowadays so having a good repro is a much better option for me!  The quality and construction is great and I don't have to worry about being delicate like I would with a vintage piece.  Now if only I had a tropical vacation to wear this on..but a girl can dream! 

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