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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amanda: Elina Sandal c/o Miz Mooz | Grace Dress in Black Rose Floral Print c/o Hearts and Found
The Starlite Bracelet + The Starlite Earrings in Green + Gold c/o Meteor Jewelry Co.

Katie:  Deb Wedges c/o Miz Mooz | Forget Me Not Floral 1940's 3/4 Sleeve Dress - Trashy Diva
Love Letter Brooch - MerriWeather

So we will be the first to admit that we are not 'shoe girls'.  We watch Sex and the City and just do not relate to those gals' obsession with shoes.  We definitely wear the same shoes pretty regularly and stock up on neutrals as much as possible.  I'd say it is half that we just focus on other accessories and half that it's hard to commit to shoes since they're generally pricey and sometimes it's hard to determine quality before it is too late.

We have learned that just because a shoe is cute does not necessarily mean it's good quality or comfortable aka the two most important features.  A lot of shoes that we used to wear peel and the heels wear thin so we have been looking for alternative to those brands.  Miz Mooz has answered our prayers! The shoes are crazy, insane comfortable.  We walked a lot in these shoes and they felt like walking on pillows. Praise the lord.  Not only are they comfortable, the quality is outstanding and we have not found any of the dreaded side-effects that we found from other brands.  They offer so many different types of shoe so there is a style for everyone.  From oxfords to boots to heels to strappy sandals they have it all.  One note for all of our vegan readers--these shoes do utilize leather.

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