Friday Favorites #66

Friday, July 22, 2016

For this week's Friday Favorites, I decided to share some of the items on my current wishlist + Etsy Favorites list.  I've been swooning over this Swanlake Border Skirt for such a long time now and she also makes this Jellyfish Print Dress that reminds me of a song by mine + Katie's favorite band, Brand New (listen here). Really everything in her shop is adorable and swoon-worthy and is worth a look and she's actually doing 20% off this weekend with promo code "DEERSHED7".

Also, this Green + White Abstract Dress is a reproduction, but the fabric and pattern are so convincing, I thought it was vintage. There's so much good stuff out there right now, my wallet is crying.

via ybellasketch on Etsy
I was lurking Etsy and fell head over heels for this Mary Blair Print by artist, Yan Gabriella.  In addition to Mary,  in the background I spy some of her most famous Disney additions: Peter Pan, Cinderella and lots of Alice. It's so detail oriented, I definitely feel like I need one for my office.

via GoSundae on Etsy
How cute is this Retro Snow White Dress by Sundae, Inc.?! I also think that scooter is selling us on it though, maybe it's our "manic pixie dream girl" souls.

via DaBombFizzers on Etsy
Ninja  |  Cake  |  Bling  |  "F"  |  Bug  |  Cherry  |  Quote  |  Beach  |  Hero
I'm always looking to try new bath products and recently ordered some Cake Bomb (which is almond buttercream) + Ninja Bomb (tangerine) from DaBombFizzers on Etsy, I'm not going to lie, I think the bright colors and cute packaging sold me.  I'll report back on how much I love them.

via TheSweetMouse on Etsy
Searching "Handmade Mickey Brooch" on Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous search phrase for a Disney and Brooch addict and this Mickey Breakfast Brooches is freaking adorable.  The shop is even offering 10% off to our readers today with promo code "SPRINKLES".

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