Friday Favorites #65

Friday, July 8, 2016

We've been obsessively playing Pokemon Go for 2 days now... but every once and a while, you have to come up for air!  Also, it's the end of the week and TGI-Friday Favorites!  We feel like weeks that include a work holiday always ends up seeming longer by the end of the week so this week we were drawn to bright colored outfits for a little pick-me-up!

Left to Right:  Hello Sailor  |  Frog Prince  |  Jungle Queen

We're totally enamored by Lipstick Queen lipstick right now.  We've been reading about the line on beauty blogs lately but after Hello Sailor and Frog Prince were released, we finally took the plunge and bought some.  They react with the warmth in your lips to change colors are you apply/wear them. We also love Jungle Queen... it doesn't change colors, but it's a great shade for '60s looks.

via Dovely Delights

I just got back from vacation but I really wish I'd stumbled upon Dovely Delights' little shop before I went, because I love these hats, the Hello Sunshine Hat is too good to pass up.  Also, I saw she happens to be here in Nashville.  

These adorable Dolce by Mojo Moxy Heart Flats that come in pastel pink and black and look quite comfy (they're also inexpensive, which is a huge plus).

via Dirty Lola
Miss Scarlett a/k/a Dirty Lola's freaking amazing art... which among other wonderful things... includes a picture of Dolly Parton in a bandana top holding a cat.... which speaks to our souls on such an intimate level... it's indescribable.

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