Blue Hawaii

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jayna Dress in Blue Hawaii - Trashy Diva  |  Bamboo Tiki Bracelets c/o Viva Charm City
Betty Heels in Yellow c/o Miss L Fire  |  Plunge/Low Back Bra - Gossard

I'm so excited to have finally gotten my hands on one of my Trashy Diva "desperately seeking" dresses, the Jayna in Blue Hawaii.  I ended up with it after a successful 3-way-trade in the DSTD group on Facebook.  I love the plunging sweetheart neckline + the little buttons in the front but when I got the dress I was surprised because somehow I never knew there was a little cutout in the back and it was such a fun addition.  The cut is unlike anything else in my closet and now I know if the dress comes in another print, I definitely be buying it.

The last (and next) few weeks have been/will be a total blur.  I've always heard the last year of law school is the easiest and that's proving to be 100% false.  I think I've spent more time studying this year than the last two.  I just had a midterm on Monday and don't have another until next Tuesday so I gave myself one afternoon before launching back into my books to take a break, grab coffee and pancakes with my other half, listen to some podcasts (currently stuck on Sword and Scale) and wander around catching Pokemon and admiring what flora is left in town before the heat kills the rest of it. I got lucky because the sunflowers are drooping early this year, but these were still looking very perky. 

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