Monday, July 4, 2016

Amanda: Lucille Dress in Lucy Dots - Trashy Diva  |  Jumbo Cherry Brooch - Luxulite
Cherry Heels - Vivienne Westwood  |  Bakelite Bracelets - vintage | Palm Hat - Imogene + Willie

Katie:  Bright Blue Sabrina Top + Pink Little Jun Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Elusion Flats - Steve Madden | Be My Cherry Pie Brooch c/o Erstwilder

Happy 4th of July everyone!  We hope you're all enjoying a day off work, BBQ's, days at the lake/river, Popsicles, watermelon and fireworks (how many of your non-southerners do these things? haha)!  We both have the day off work and can't wait to spend it with our husbands/families so we decided to take photos of ourselves in our outfits in advance so we could enjoy the day and also, so we could look less sweaty and humidity-droopy.  Not to mention, after tomorrow's morning activities we are probably going to be a little sun burnt and totally exhausted.  Fourth of July is no joke in the South so we have busy itineraries for the day. ;)  We could probably think of endless outfit combinations that in some way capture the spirit of the celebration.  Whether it be a red/white/blue color palette, themes evoking classic Americana, your classiest American flag swimsuit or something in between there are so many fun ways to 'dress-up' for 4th of July!

Whatever you end up doing be safe and have loads of fun! We'd love to hear your plans so if you feel inclined, tell us what you're up to today in the comments!!

And of course.... we have 4th of July forever-favorite photos, since we aren't able to spend it together this year. <3

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