Sherbet + Monochrome

Friday, July 29, 2016

1950s Party Dress - vintage (similar) | Ballerina Brooch c/o Deer Arrow 
Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Black Heels - Modcloth (similar)

Katie and I decided recently that we were going to try to make more of an effort to share the vintage pieces in our closets.  I think we typically shy away from them on the blog because unless someone gets really lucky, they're one-of-a-kind.  But, I recently ended up at an outdoor vintage market here in Nashville and found this and a TON of other things from Pink Star Vintage (she vends at Fanny's House of Music and Pre to Post Modern) and decided this monochrome dress that came with a pretty peach-pink cummerbund belt was too good not to share.  I still need to take it my my seamtress and have it taken in and shortened, but I love how unique it is!

In all honestly, I've been so busy lately I've been throwing on the first dress I can get away with wearing without a bra and running out the door to study so it was nice to dress up for a day!  After cutting a few inches off my hair about a month ago, I've been trying new curl methods and curlers and once I sort of perfect the method with the newest ones, I can't wait to share them with y'all! So be on the lookout for that! The results will probably be a lot better once I successfully battle this southern humidity. haha

Leaves + Lemons

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Amanda: Marissa Heels in Marine c/o Miz Mooz |  Leaf Brooch - vintage (similar)
Peasant Top in Pastel Yellow + Jenny Skirt in Leaves Print + Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing

Katie: Artemis Sandals in Yellow c/o Miz Mooz | Lemon Print Penelope Dress - Hearts and Found  

Almost every time we give a new shoe brand a whirl, we express how we are not shoe people.  We wear things till they fall apart, we prefer comfort over cute, etc. But, lately, we've been having a lot of luck with Miz Mooz (you can find our last post here)  These two pairs continue the lucky streak.  I think our favorite thing about the brand, besides the fact that all the shoes are incredibly comfortable, is that a lot of them are really simple and are in unique colors that happen match a lot of our vintage + repro pieces, including the darker hues often used by Trashy Diva and the brighter hues in Pinup Girl Clothing pieces.

I (Katie) think these Artemis Sandals may be the first pair of sandals I've owned in the past 10 years.  They're definitely the first sandals that I've loved in the past decade! I'm not one to love open-toe shoes even when they're heels (neither of us can seem to remember to consistently keep our toenails painted) so wearing sandals is a completely new thing for me, but man-oh-man I understand the appeal!  These are so comfortable and perfect for these hot days. Even the heels on the Marissa Heels Amanda is wearing aren't going to kill you to walk around in.  They're just high enough to elongate your legs in a tea length piece but just low enough not to kill your feet.

// Right now Miz Mooz is doing a promo where you can save an extra 15% on sale items, just use the code SALEONSALE15.

// Totally unrelated, but we are going to work on responding to blog comments incredibly soon once we dig ourselves out of law school / work hell. ;) 

Vintage Summer Stripes

Monday, July 25, 2016

Katie: White Jailbird Top - Pinup Girl Clothing | 1960's Striped Shorts - Vintage 
Hair Scarf - Vintage | Coral Flats - Amazon

There are so many reasons why nothing can ever replace true vintage. Whether it be the hunt for specific pieces, the quality of the items or the novelty factor of it all, there is just something undeniably special about vintage.  Since my hips are over 15 inches bigger than my waist buying vintage shorts and trousers is not always an easy task.  It's either the waist is perfect and the hips are too big or the hips are perfect and the waist is to big.  It's definitely frustrating, but it also means that when I find a pair that fit me it is fate and I get SO excited.  That's the joy of vintage shopping for ya!

I wanted to show-off my favorite pair of vintage shorts, because not only do they fit great, but they're such a classic summer staple.  I have a love affair with stripes, which can be dangerous since they're not always flattering.  These shorts however, in my opinion, don't have an unflattering look. They may seem like a 'generic' find, but it took me forever to find vintage shorts and the fact that these are beachy and fun makes them my favorite summer vintage item.  I prefer to buy my vintage in person, but I'm so glad I took the plunge with these. 

Friday Favorites #66

Friday, July 22, 2016

For this week's Friday Favorites, I decided to share some of the items on my current wishlist + Etsy Favorites list.  I've been swooning over this Swanlake Border Skirt for such a long time now and she also makes this Jellyfish Print Dress that reminds me of a song by mine + Katie's favorite band, Brand New (listen here). Really everything in her shop is adorable and swoon-worthy and is worth a look and she's actually doing 20% off this weekend with promo code "DEERSHED7".

Also, this Green + White Abstract Dress is a reproduction, but the fabric and pattern are so convincing, I thought it was vintage. There's so much good stuff out there right now, my wallet is crying.

via ybellasketch on Etsy
I was lurking Etsy and fell head over heels for this Mary Blair Print by artist, Yan Gabriella.  In addition to Mary,  in the background I spy some of her most famous Disney additions: Peter Pan, Cinderella and lots of Alice. It's so detail oriented, I definitely feel like I need one for my office.

via GoSundae on Etsy
How cute is this Retro Snow White Dress by Sundae, Inc.?! I also think that scooter is selling us on it though, maybe it's our "manic pixie dream girl" souls.

via DaBombFizzers on Etsy
Ninja  |  Cake  |  Bling  |  "F"  |  Bug  |  Cherry  |  Quote  |  Beach  |  Hero
I'm always looking to try new bath products and recently ordered some Cake Bomb (which is almond buttercream) + Ninja Bomb (tangerine) from DaBombFizzers on Etsy, I'm not going to lie, I think the bright colors and cute packaging sold me.  I'll report back on how much I love them.

via TheSweetMouse on Etsy
Searching "Handmade Mickey Brooch" on Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous search phrase for a Disney and Brooch addict and this Mickey Breakfast Brooches is freaking adorable.  The shop is even offering 10% off to our readers today with promo code "SPRINKLES".

// Past Friday Favorites posts can be found here.

Blue Hawaii

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jayna Dress in Blue Hawaii - Trashy Diva  |  Bamboo Tiki Bracelets c/o Viva Charm City
Betty Heels in Yellow c/o Miss L Fire  |  Plunge/Low Back Bra - Gossard

I'm so excited to have finally gotten my hands on one of my Trashy Diva "desperately seeking" dresses, the Jayna in Blue Hawaii.  I ended up with it after a successful 3-way-trade in the DSTD group on Facebook.  I love the plunging sweetheart neckline + the little buttons in the front but when I got the dress I was surprised because somehow I never knew there was a little cutout in the back and it was such a fun addition.  The cut is unlike anything else in my closet and now I know if the dress comes in another print, I definitely be buying it.

The last (and next) few weeks have been/will be a total blur.  I've always heard the last year of law school is the easiest and that's proving to be 100% false.  I think I've spent more time studying this year than the last two.  I just had a midterm on Monday and don't have another until next Tuesday so I gave myself one afternoon before launching back into my books to take a break, grab coffee and pancakes with my other half, listen to some podcasts (currently stuck on Sword and Scale) and wander around catching Pokemon and admiring what flora is left in town before the heat kills the rest of it. I got lucky because the sunflowers are drooping early this year, but these were still looking very perky. 

Violets in May

Monday, July 18, 2016

Tropical Print 2-Piece Set c/o VioletsinMay |  Hair Scarf - Vintage (Similar)

Happy Monday!  I hope every had a great weekend.  My weekend has been 50/50 split between obsessing over Pokemon Go and binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  So I'd say overall it was a good balance of walking around my town and staying put on my couch.  Walking around looking for PokeStops led me to one of my favorite parts of town, which includes the cutest little strip of shops.  Since most everything is closed on Sundays, because it's the South, I tend to not make it over this way so it was a nice change of pace.

My 2-piece set from Violets in May was the perfect outfit for going around town.  It's super lightweight so I wasn't too hot, but it's also super comfortable and flattering.  She creates wonderful, vintage inspired pieces.  Vintage tiki and tropical sets go for so much money nowadays so having a good repro is a much better option for me!  The quality and construction is great and I don't have to worry about being delicate like I would with a vintage piece.  Now if only I had a tropical vacation to wear this on..but a girl can dream!