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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Katie:  Eleanor Dress in Blue & White Polka Dots c/o Wax Poetic Clothing
Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing | Red MacArthur Heart Brooch - MerriWeather | Red Wedges - Similar

Amanda: Sherry Dress in Red Polka Dots c/o Wax Poetic Clothing
Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing | Woven Bracelets - Splendette | Straw Boater Hat - thrifted (similar)
Hansel Heels in Yellow c/o BAIT Footwear | Sunflower Brooch c/o Erstwilder

Today, we're sharing our Memorial Day attire... we're a couple of days late but, better late than never!  Recently, we received dresses from Wax Poetic Clothing and fell in love with the simplistically sweet designs.  We chose polka dot dresses (because we rock a lot of polka dots ;)) but they also have a pink seersucker dress and a Lost at Sea print that were tough to pass up.  The dresses we chose were really comfortable for a day running around being active so it was nice to trade in our normal tea length dresses for the day.  We loved the little details like the asymmetrical bib on the Eleanor and the little back cut out + bow combo on the Sherry.  Only the Sherry dress had pockets and the dresses are not lined, though was fine with us because it is SO HOT here. Also, definitely check the size chart before you order, you XS ladies will find yourselves reaching for a belt like we did, the waist areas were a bit large on us even with the belt.

Also, though we don't get around to doing our bookworm posts as much as we'd like anymore, we had a 3 day weekend so we had more time than usual for leisurely reading! So, we're recommending The Black Tapes podcast, Diablo Cody's book Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper and I FINALLY talked Katie into reading The Magicians triology and she has FLOWN through them, so we're re-recommending those.  If you want more info on the dresses or the book/podcast recommendations, let us know.

// For 15% off your first (or next) Wax Poetic Clothing order, just promo code "PEACHES" at checkout. Happy shopping!

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