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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I've been toying with the idea of talking more about law school on the blog but, since I work and go to school in the legal field, it's nice to have the blog as an escape, even if sometimes juggling the three makes me a bit crazy. The legal field, especially in the south, doesn't necessarily encourage individuality.  Bu,t if you're a non-traditional student or practitioner, the amount you have to dilute your appearance and personal style is definitely dependent on the area of law you practice and your desire to actually practice IN a courtroom, a lot of attorneys spend almost no time in a courtroom.  I graduate in December and take the bar exam in February so the end is near (I'm horrified) and these things have been rolling around in my mind a lot lately.

Let's call it a compromise and talk about courtroom attire. This is my second year of having to fully dress up for court for school so I decided it was time to treat myself to a nicer suit and I knew exactly what I was going for, a Lilli Ann!  I was torn between two styles, the sexy and chic Lilli Ann suits from the '40s and '50s and the boxier and "cutesier" suits from the late '50s and '60s.  Originally, I went with a late '40s Lilli Annette Diminutive suit, which was Lilli's petite line, it's the navy suit pictured below.

Sadly, though a lot of the measurements were perfect on the Lilli Annette Diminutive Suit, it didn't fit properly and I learned my lesson about some of the obscure measurements you need to insure a proper fit in a vintage suit.  The shoulders were WAY too broad and the torso of the jacket was too long, in addition to the tapering on the skirt starting way too far down on my short body (despite it being from her petite line) for me to be able to hem it without having to totally re-work the whole skirt.  I didn't want to extreme-tailor a suit that might work perfectly for another lady so, I put my feelers out there and I got lucky!  My friend Kelsey over at Rear Window Vintage was willing to trade for a '60s Lilli Ann Suit she had on hand.  I immediately thought of Jackie O. and knew it would be a perfect fit.

Lilli Ann Suit - vintage via Rear Window Vintage (other Lilli Ann goodies here)
Brown Straw Pillbox Hat - vintage (similar) | Brown Heels - Modcloth (similar, also similar)

I couldn't be happier with my trade and I am SO lucky that Rear Window Vintage had this Lilli Ann.  Kelsey is one of the sweetest and most helpful ladies and I always love seeing what she has picked for her shop.  Better yet, one of my favorite ladies, Nora of NoraFinds, ended up with the other Lilli Ann piece in her shop and I feel like our jackets were sisters (she actually took it on her recent trip to Japan and that post is such a good read).  This was the perfect suit for my court case and maybe it brought me good luck, because we won ;)  That also may have had something to do with my amazing co-counsel and the fact that our case was in the exact area of law I work in every day, but let's say it was the suit.  Unfortunately for me, I think this Lilli Ann might've opened the floodgates and I'm already on the hunt for a perfect fit '40s brown tweed and pink, teal and black to add to my suit wardrobe.

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