Friday Favorites #62: Memorial Day Sales

Friday, May 27, 2016

This Friday Favorites is coming just in time for some really awesome 3 day weekend sales!  The ones we're most looking forward to include: Unique Vintage - 20% off sitewide!  The entire top row of the dresses above are from UV.  They recently started carrying one of our favorite AUS brands, Retrocpec'd and all their dresses are absolutely amazing, all that was keeping me from buying more of them before was shipping cost so, I'm in trouble.

We're also excited about Modcloth's 40% off section (which is where the bottom row of dresses is from) and thanks to reader Amanda for letting us know, they're doing an extra 20% off their sale section with promo code "SOHOT".  They have some really cute summer dresses in there for less than $50 (always a selling point).

New York and Company is doing 50% off sitewide with no exceptions!  Y'all might have read our post about the Eva Mendes Collection (if you haven't you can read it here), but now is a great time to grab those pieces good and cheap, including the one pictured above.

1) Grace Dress in Russian Blue - Hearts and Found
2) Daisy Brooch - Carol Hurst
 3) Bee Necklace - Rosebud Casson
4) Paris Dress in Makeup Print - Bernie Dexter
5) Penelope Dress in Ring 'o' Roses - Hearts and Found
6) Little Bee Purse - Asos
7) Floral Teapot - Gloriously Glittery

These were the things we were going to include in our normal Friday Favorites post before we realized there were so many good sales to share! But, I decided to include it anyways. :D  I've talked about Hearts and Found many times on our blog and have no problem admitting the shop is, hands down, one of my favorite Etsy shops.  They make the Grace Dress in Russian Blue and the Penelope Dress in Ring 'o' Roses pictured above.  I just got 3 new dresses from them and I can't wait to share them with y'all. ;)

via LarkenDesign
Last but not least, I've been in love with these vintage mugshots from LarkenDesign for an eternity now and I'm almost ready to just pull the trigger and buy them.

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