Glitter Paradise

Monday, April 4, 2016

AmandaFakelite Retro TV Brooch c/o Glitter Paradise  |  Colorful Pleated Skirt - Mikala Design

KatieFakelite Retro Phone Brooch c/o Glitter Paradise | 1960s Mustard Romper - Vintage
Butterscotch Carved Bangle c/o Splendette | Leather Peep Toe Clogs c/o Lotta From Stockholm

By now you likely know that brooches are our favorite way to accessorize an outfit.  Don't get me wrong, we love other jewelry, but the amount of novelty brooches out there makes it extremely fun to collect them + hunt down new designs and makers.  This has often leads us to discovering shops in other countries we might otherwise have never stumbled across.  Glitter Paradise's products are hand-crafted in France, but they ship worldwide. They offer a wide array of brooch and jewelry designs ranging from superhero themed brooches to confetti lucite to the bakelite-style pieces.

We especially loved how subtle and not too over-the-top a lot of her pieces are, as they more closely mimic bakelite than some other modern styles with makes them pair even better with true vintage.  The color on the phone brooch I (Katie) am wearing matches almost perfectly with this vintage mustard romper I recently found .  Since bakelite has become SO freakin' expensive having good 'fakelite' options is a must if you're not trying to spend a lot but still love the look.

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