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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Katie:  Criss Cross Halter Top + Mid-Century BBQ Skirt + Countess Sunglasses c/o Doll Me Up  
Apple Pie Brooch - Etsy | Sun Hat - Similar | Lace Up Oxfords - Vintage

On Monday we announced the delightful news that we were partnering with Doll Me Up to offer y'all the chance to win $100 in store credit (details at the bottom).  Doll Me Up is one of our favorite places to shop and $100 can get you a ton of different goodies.  So I have to confess something, I now own a dress and a skirt in the Mid-Century BBQ print.  I can't help it the skirt combines gingham + kitschy kitchen designs so it is right up my alley.  It's also the perfect skirt for all of the backyard BBQs I'll be attending...which is a lot, because Georgia loves their BBQ.  If you've never purchased a Bernie Dexter skirt I feel like they run a smidge smaller than the size chart so I went with a small to be on the safe-side and it fit great!

I spent last week in Austin, TX on a business trip, and now come to think of it this skirt would have been perfect for Austin paired with my vintage cowboy boots.  I spent a lot of time under fluorescent lights, but I did get to wear these great sunnies around town and they added a fun edge to some of my boring-business outfits.  I had a great time exploring the city and working, but I'm definitely happy to be home with my cats (and husband) watching Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Now to get to what you have been waiting for: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

To enter the giveaway, see the widget above. We're so stoked to be giving you ladies the chance to win $100 in store credit from Doll Me Up. We've also added a share ONCE PER DAY entry option on Instagram. No returning to the widget needed, we'll be manually inputting the entries for y'all but the most entry opportunities can definitely be found here on the blog (where there are also daily entries).  To enter via Instagram:

  1.  Repost the image on Instagram 
  2.  Follow @modernjunecleaver OR @ameliajetson
  3.  Follow @DollMeUp_Inc
  4.  Hashtag #JunebugsGiveaway
Last but not least: You may ALSO enter the giveaway via blog comment ONCE PER DAY. For your first comment, tell us your favorite item on the Doll Me Up website, for each additional comment, tell us a fun fact about yourself!

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