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Friday, April 15, 2016

Mandalaye Flats - Amazon | White Dinkie Roller Necklace - Pip Jolley |  Hair Scarf - Vintage

AmandaThe Fun and Games Dress in Pale Yellow c/o emmy design

We love authentic/true vintage pieces and they make up about half of our wardrobes BUT we do tend to be pretty hard on our clothing (admittedly).  We choose favorites, wear the shit out of them and we're a little clumsy so coffee stains are inevitable.  Also, our "repair" piles for zipper replacements, hem fixing and hole repairing are.... insane.  These are the reasons we mix reproductions into our wardrobes.  Reproductions sort of fall into two categories for us: there are brands that do reproductions as sort of a "nod" to the actual eras with a modern twist and on the other end, there are brands that do pieces that look like they could be true vintage; Emmy Design falls into the latter category and we love them for it.  We've blogged Emmy a few times now but... oh my God this Spring/Summer '16 Collection is what dreams are made of, I feel like the pieces came right out of a stylish, mid-century maven's suitcase on a beach trip.

Also I (Amanda) feel like I cheated the "system" because I stumbled across Vintagious' Lazy Pinup Poodle Video and knew I immediately had to try it.  It's actually a hair piece!  My hair usually takes AT LEAST an hour (or more) to put into a poodle now that it's so long but this literally took me 10 minutes. Check it out y'all. It's so worth it.

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