Friday Favorites #60

Friday, April 22, 2016

1. Red Rose Dress  -  Meetyou
2. House of Playing Cards Purse  -  krukrustudio
3. Red Rose Brooch  -  Small Victories Made
4. Teapot Purse  -  krukrustudio
5. Painting the Roses Red  -  Tangerine Menagerie
6. Gingham Open Back Dress  -  Dollydripp

I was searching through my Etsy favorites and realized some of my favorite things recently had a decidedly Alice in Wonderland theme -- so I went with it!  I've been lusting after krukrustudio's bags for some time now but recently came across the House of Playing Cards and Teapot and thought they were too good NOT to share.  Also, how beautiful is this Red Rose Dress?!  I think they custom make to measure and adding a thick satin cummerbund style belt would almost make it look true vintage (they also have other cute things like this dress).  And of course, what's an outfit without brooch options, because you know we're addicted. ;)

The Original Espadrilles was one of those lucky finds that recently popped up in my Instagram feed.  I've always had a huge affinity for Espadrilles (they seem to be a southern summer staple) but haven't owned a pair since high school, I may need to snag some of those black ones, they look like they'd be really comfortable and would go with Pinup Girl Clothing's new Mary Blair pieces nicely.

photo via The Pink Collar Life
The sweet ladies over at The Pink Collar Life have an Etsy shop now! If you've been waiting to buy something, you now have the ability to stick it in your favorites and stare longingly at it until you break down and buy things - like we do!

Bringing it back for a third time, we're continuing our trend of posting past, present or fictional fashion influences for Friday Favorites (our last choices were Dita Von Teese and Charlotte (Chuck) Charles from Pushing Daisies).  This week, we're going with another fictional character, Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.  Sookie holds a special place in our hearts for several reasons: 1) before the show was on HBO, we'd been reading the original True Blood book series by Charlaine Harris and LOVED them  2) Sookie is hands down one of the fictional characters we see ourselves in most and find to be most relate-able  3) she is always serving southern charm and 4) she rocks a sundress like nobody's business.  Even if you have zero interest in the show, we couldn't recommend the books more if you like semi-cheesy, urban fantasy.  Or, if you love the show,  now that it's over if you need your fill, the books are an almost completely different story line (with the same characters), check them out!

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