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Friday, April 29, 2016

 Katie: Eva Mendes Collection - Maria Jacquard Dress - New York and Company 
Yellow Headscarf - Vintage | Bow Flats - Target | Cherry Brooch - Luxulite 

Amanda: Eva Mendes Collection - Julianne Sleveless Dress - New York and Company
Casablanca Sandal - New York and Company | Bracelets + Earrings - Splendette

Usually when we go to the mall we bee line straight to the food court to buy a pretzel or to cry over how beautiful Kate Spade purses are.  Luckily, one day Amanda stumbled into New York and Company and instantly started texting me pictures of how beautiful Eva Mendes' Collection is.  The collection features so many of the things we look for in vintage repro, which took us majorly off guard.  The fact that we could walk into a store and find beautiful dresses with fruit print AND they fit us? What alternate dimension is this??  Not to mention the abundance of elegant floral prints, this adorable lipstick novelty print, sheer blouses and stripes in this collection.  It is a vintage-loving girls dream and it's accessible at your local mall (and their website is doing sales CONSTANTLY).  We loved that they offered petite sizing since Amanda is always having to hem and hack inches off of everything and I (Katie) actually ordered my dress in the petite sizing so it would be a little shorter.

For those of us who don't have smaller boutique clothing stores and rely heavily on online shopping, it was amazing getting to go and try things on at the mall that are actually super cute.  We recommend this line 100% and are already eyeing which of the new releases we are going to purchase.

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