Southern Summers

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

KatieAnnette Mini Dress - Trashy Diva | Confetti Lucite Brooch - Luxulite 
Sam & Libby Bow Flats - Target | Dahlia Totebag c/o Sunjellies

AmandaApple Tart Dress c/o Trashy Diva  |  Vintage Gardening Hat - Etsy (similar)
Peach Brooch - Vintage (similar)  |  Giant white fluffy cat - Lady Thackery Binx - not for sale

Okay, so we know what you're probably thinking, "It's not summer" and you're right.  However, after we both picked classic summer prints from Trashy Diva, and we couldn't help but think that these dresses deserved a post of their own and that they sum up southern summers extremely well (the only thing missing is gingham).  Also, we wanted to cheat the system before the humidity gets so bad down here that our hair doesn't stand a chance and everything starts turning brown and sad. haha.

Katie's family is from Louisiana so she loves a good Fleur de Lis print and when Trashy Diva marked down the Grand Fleur Collection, we both snatched a piece for our closets (under $50 y'all).  NOLA also happens to be in the top 3 places we want to visit together because yes, we have a list ; )  The Annette Mini dress style has  quickly become a favorite for both of us because of the shorter length, full skirt and pockets and we hope TD includes them in future print runs, we highly recommend it.

As for seersucker, on warmer days you'll see it running rampant down here on just about anything you can make out of seersucker fabric. Seriously, even the male attorneys in Middle Tennessee frequently wear it to court (proof) which is sort of hilarious and very Atticus Finch all at the same time.  The Apple Tart Dress with it's ruffly bust paired perfectly with this vintage gardening hat and I was excited to find an excuse to wear it.  What are your favorite prints and styles for summer?

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