Lady in Red // Liquid Lipstick Review

Monday, March 7, 2016

If you're a make-up addict like me then you've spent countless hours researching the best, classic pin-up red lipstick.  Since I'm always on the go I prefer liquid lipsticks so I wanted to show you a few of my favorite red-options out there.  I tend to opt for more cool-toned reds so if those aren't your thing then this list probably isn't for you.  So although these colors are extremely similar each is different in texture, wear and the side-effect of making your pout feel like the desert. 

 I was SO excited to try this liquid lipstick, and it did not live up to my expectations.  Of these 4 red lipsticks it's actually my least favorite.  It flakes off fairly easily and wears off on the center on my lips quickly.  I do like other colors of the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks -- Outlaw just doesn't hold up to the other reds.

Of these four my without a doubt favorite is Beso from Stila.  In my experience it lasts for a long time
and doesn't dry my lips out as much as the others.  The creamier formula also makes application easier.

This is the newest for my liquid lipstick collection.  The formula takes a little while longer to dry than my other options so I have to be careful to not drink my coffee right away after applying.  The color does began to fade through-out the day, but it doesn't flake in the same way as the Kat Von D. 

 If you don't mind having lips on the drier side I recommend this formula.  It lasts the longest, but it does dry my lips out over time.  It's formula is more liquid-y so I do line my lips before so I don't make a mess on my face.  

You can see the tubes a little better + shop these lipsticks, here:

What's your favorite liquid lipstick?

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