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Monday, March 21, 2016

Katie:  Venus Legs Novelty Brooch c/o Kitschy Witch Jewelry | Mandalaye Flats - Amazon
Black Little Jun Skirt + Mint Sabrina Top - Pinup Girl Clothing | Green Hair Scarf - Vintage

Amanda:  Hand of Destiny Brooch in Red + Queen of Hearts Scarf c/o Kitschy Witch Jewelry
To Die For Purse - Unique Vintage  |  Leve Ballet Flats - Amazon

Even if you didn't know it before, you are probably familiar with Stephanie Buscema's art and designs.  Stephanie has designed multiple prints for Pinup Girl Clothing including the Queen of Hearts print, Mermaid Border print and a handful of others.  On top of being amazing when it comes to designing clothing prints, Stephanie also creates whimsical, unique vintage-inspired jewelry.  She puts her own spin on old designs and even incorporates vintage materials on occasion, which truly sets her jewelry apart from the rest.  We can't get over the craftsmanship and time that clearly goes into these pieces from start to finish.  The added details on both of these brooches is intense!  From the amazing paint job, jewels and even a vintage charm on the Venus Legs Brooch--these pieces have it all.

We noticed that when we wore these brooches they were the constant topic of so many conversations and compliments since they're such bold 1940's inspired pieces.  We think these brooches are 100% statement pieces, and we loved pairing them with more simplistic outfits so they could really shine on their own.  Not only are Stephanie's pieces clever and creative we loved how many had vintage horror or oddity roots.  Since we both are always interested in things that are a bit unusual we appreciate when those interests + vintage collide.  The Hand of Destiny series is a perfect example of that, and we are both obsessed with the Monster Mash Brooch that has vintage 1960's monster charms.

Update/Edit: I've had several ladies ask me about a review for the Funny Face Pants since this post was published so here are my thoughts.  I typically wear an XS in Pinup Girl Clothing and that is what I ordered in these pants.  For the record, the Eva Pants and the Funny Face pants are the exact same pants but the Funny Face Pants are cropped and the Eva Pants are a full length pant.  I did have to roll the pants under to make them appear cropped on my petite frame - I'm 4'10".  They're in my "take to seamstress" pile currently.  As for sizing, I'd recommend sizing down as they're a stretch ponte.  By the end of the day, they'd grown a bit and I was having trouble keeping them up, so I had to wear a belt. If I could've sized down, I would've.  They're the most comfortable pants I own and now I'm in love with them.

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