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Monday, March 28, 2016

Amanda: Custom Circle Skirt in this fabric c/o Mokkafiveoclock  |  Red Boater Hat - Palace Vintage

Katie:  Purple Floral Skirt c/o Mokkafiveoclock | Blue Boatneck Top - Target  
Confetti Lucite Brooch - Luxulite | Taupe Heels - Modcloth

For those who celebrate, we hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday!  We both spent some much needed time with our families stuffing ourselves with so much good, southern food.  Honestly, we probably need a day to recover from all of the carbs that we ate, but it was well worth it.  These colorful, floral circle skirts from Mokkafiveoclock weren't our Easter outfits, but looking back at them, they would've been the perfect florals for the day! When it comes to our personal styles, we've both been branching out so much lately, and we're having a lot of fun trying new styles and designs.  That being said, we always seem to come back to our roots, which generally consists of a nice, floral circle skirt.

Mokkafiveoclock creates beautiful vintage-inspired skirts and dresses that are perfect for daily wear or special occasions.  We both picked floral fabrics, but she offers solids and other patterns as well.  Our skirts were also lined (which we don't see much) and it was great to have that built-in slip with lighter colored fabrics. But, the best part?  Every dress is made to measure to ensure that the fit is spot-on.  As you all know, there's nothing quite like a bespoke skirt or dress fit just to your measurements!  We sent off our measurements, and the skirts fit perfectly.

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