Rapunzel: A Tale of Hair Extensions

Monday, February 29, 2016

I have A LOT of hair but sometimes, I still find myself wishing I had more for specific hairstyles;  so, I decided to give Irresistible Me Hair Extensions a try.  My hair is long, so I didn't really get them for length (though they are definitely longer than my natural hair) and also, my hair is pretty thick but I thought '60s beehives + vintage waves would look even better if they could be fuller.

To help me decide about length + color, they sent over this video of all the available extension colors and a little chart about length.  I chose 22" in Rosewood.  They arrived in a cute box sealed in a little bag.  The right side is a test strip so you can check the length and color you chose before unwinding all the extensions, which was nice.  I tried the test piece and was surprised to find that the color I chose, Rosewood, was a little darker than my hair but blended nicely which saved me So. Much. Trouble.  I was dreading having to buy a platinum pair and color them the perfect shade of red.  I do, however, wish I'd gone a bit shorter as it's a bit overwhelming on my petite frame, but I can always give them a trim!

The extensions are really nice quality.  I used to wear extensions a lot in college for color and these are so much nicer than the ones I used to wear.  They feel thick and silky and have little sewn in clips on the top so they can be easily placed + removed.  They're also real hair so, they can be heat styled.  The next step was figuring out how to properly put them in, thank the lord, there was a video tutorial.

These are the photos of my hair blown out straight before I put in the extensions, it gets thinner towards the ends which is the primary reason I wanted extensions so, here we go!

I still recommend watching the video tutorial but the process was really easy.  First, you take the extensions out of the package and separate them all.  They come out looking pretty wonderful, so I didn't wash + dry them or anything, but I did spray a little dry shampoo on them.  Then, I brushed them all out and lined them up by amount of clips on my bathroom counter.  There are 2 (1) clip extensions, six (6) 2 clip extensions, (1) 3 clip extension and (1) 4 clip extension.

I pinned my hair up into one big section, started at the bottom and put the extensions in from biggest to smallest, letting a little bit of my own hair out between each section.  Definitely pull out the video tutorial they provide for this part, it's super helpful knowing which extensions to put where!  The bottom right photo is my hair after the extensions were put in and then, I snapped a mirror selfie, because I couldn't help myself. haha.  Then, I styled them in my current go-to style, vintage waves (I did a tutorial for that style, here).  They're pretty thick/heavy just like hair would be if it was this long, so I struggled a little with styling them, but it's definitely something I just need to get the hang of!

If you wanna give some Irresistible Me extensions a try, they offer 20% off your first purchase with promo code "GET20OFF".  I'm excited to have these extensions to style and experiment with, y'all will be seeing them again in future blog posts!

Subtle Polka Dots

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bag - Vintage | Log Lady Mini Brooch - Luxulite | Leopard Heels - Kensie (similar)
Vivien Hoops -Bows and Crossbones  |  Bangles - Splendette
Pink Bomb Brooch - MerriWeather | Berry Loafers - BAIT Footwear | Glitter Purse - Kate Spade

I have said it once and I'll say it again, I, Katie,  rock a lot of polka dots.   Polka dots are a classic pattern, and one that I'm sure a lot of you love.  Vivien of Holloway has a huge selection of classic, bold polka dot pieces but, we wanted to stray from classic polka dots, and show how subtle and toned-down polka dots can be.  The White Gypsy Top with Embroidered Spots from far away looks like a simple eyelet top, but up close, you can see all of the marvelous detailing.  The Pencil Skirt in Orange Dots creates that same affect, where the item is polka dotted, but it is just enough design to catch your eye.

A little more about the pieces, for you ladies who've never worn Vivien of Holloway before, we wanted to mention a lot of their items have very limited, if any, stretch so we sized up in our bottoms, but were able to wear our normal sizes in the tops. We are both absolutely in love with the Slash Neck Top Amanda is wearing and can't wait to add more to our wardrobes, it's a thick cotton and has 3/4 sleeves which is perfect for those of us hiding tattoos or are perpetually cold at the office.

Provence Rose

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Black Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear | Black and White Envelope Clutch - Similar 

If you checked out Amanda's post on Monday then you've already seen one more casual, delicate style from The Pretty Dress Company.  Since I'm forever in love with Spring and the flowers that it brings I opted for this flawless floral number.  We are beginning to experience the beginning of Spring weather here in Georgia.  So it's that time of year where I always tried to plant flowers, but sadly I have a black thumb that kills any plant that I touch.  I guess that just means I can only wear flowers instead of grow them.  

I raved about the fit of The Pretty Dress Company in our first post featuring them. I usually don't rock this many pencil dresses back-to-back, but when I realized that The Pretty Dress Company's pencil dresses fit my curves this well I couldn't turn down the chance to style another pencil dress.  We don't mention our measurements as much, because we assumed you're all tired of hearing about them, but for those interested in fit my measurements are  35-24-39.  I stick with my normal size and it feels like I was dressed by magical fairies when I put on this pencil dress.  

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boutique de fleurs

Monday, February 22, 2016

Priscilla Lemon Gingham Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Company  |  Tiseltown Star Brooch - Luxulite
Valentine Heels in Blush (BAIT Footwear) - Modcloth  |  Jasmine Tote c/o Sunjellies

You saw some slightly dressier styles from The Pretty Dress Company in our last post (here) and we got lots of great questions and feedback from y'all.  So, for the next couple of days, we're going to share a couple of more casual dresses.  We've had almost a week of unseasonably warm weather here in Nashville and that has kept me outside.  Last week, I noticed a flower shop, Buds & Bunches, near my office downtown and was excited to run by on the weekend while I was in the area and grab some flowers for our house.  Sidenote: everyone there was super sweet, I totally recommend it.  Then, I grabbed coffee and though I'm buried in school right now, took a couple of hours to start reading Felicia Day's memoir, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), so far, so good!

As for the dress, the Priscilla Lemon Gingham Dress is the same amazing quality I've come to expect from The Pretty Dress Company.  It's a cotton stretch fabric that feels like a mix between a cotton sateen and a rayon and it's fully lined.  For you petticoat wearing ladies, I wore my Pinup Girl Clothing canvas underskirt underneath, but the lining does prevent a traditional petticoat.  I wouldn't have worn a petticoat at all had it not been for the dress being a bit long on me.  The dress has pockets and petite ladies might find themselves taking a trip to the seamstress (I'll be taking it to my seamstress to be hemmed next week) but, it'll be a very worthwhile trip thanks to the quality + cuteness, of this dress.  Also, keep an eye out for something special with The Pretty Dress Company in Katie's Wednesday post and you might have a chance to snag a dress of your own!

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Pretty Dress Company

Friday, February 19, 2016

Katie: Hollywood Black 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Company
Cherry Brooch - Luxulite | Love Letter Purse c/o Hello Holiday (Sold Out) | Wedges - Similar

Amanda: Fatale Black & White Gingham Prom Dress  c/o The Pretty Dress Company
Lady Luck Purse - Adorned by Chi  |  Cherry Lady Dragon Heels - Vivienne Westwood

Sometimes you put on a dress and instantly feel like you can take on the world.  That is exactly how we felt when we put on these dresses from  The Pretty Dress Company.  We were blown away by the construction of these dresses, they felt tailored for us!  It's not often that a company's clothing feels so well made while simultaneously being incredibly comfortable.  The gingham Fatale Prom Dress actually had boning in the bodice and a little bit of a built in petticoat -- it is BEAUTIFUL.  Also, all the gold stars go to The Pretty Dress Company for making a pencil dress that you can move freely in! 

Since the dresses were solid colors (well in our world gingham is a solid) ;), we had a lot of fun picking out accessories that would add to how ridiculously awesome the dresses are.  We decided that since it's still February a romantic, glitzy red theme would be a great fit.  We grabbed our small handbags and headed to the Imperial Theater in our small town in Georgia to see what the theater company was putting on that weekend and grabbed some coffee.  Pretty excited, apparently Mary Poppins is in the making ;)