Buffalo Plaid

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bow Brooch - Match Accessories | Clark's Ballet Flats - Similar

The first decade/style movement that got me interested in vintage fashion was the 1960s mod movement.  I became infatuated with Edie Sedgwick after seeing pictures of her and Andy Warhol together, and instantly tried to work mod style pieces into my wardrobe.  I've almost emulated Edie's pixie hair cut a few times, but luckily my hairdresser has talked me out of taking the big chop.   Previously, I had strayed from going full on mod because I was so insecure about my wide hips, but as I've gotten older I've grown to love my body and have been able to dress in the exact style I want.

I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for vintage collared shift dresses in my size, which isn't always the easiest task.  This buffalo plaid collared shift dress from Unique Vintage is one of the best vintage repro options when it comes to shift dresses!  It fits my hourglass figure, and still maintained the 1960s look and feel.  Also, I braved the chilly weather to show off how amazing the back of this dress is!  I cannot wait to wear it during the Summer.  Also so stoked to get to wear my favorite color combo:  Mustard + Ketchup. 

Love's Wedding Chapel

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Story time! Let's shout it to the back for the ladies who might've missed it.... Augusta, GA is a small town. haha.  And, we're a little guilty of falling into a semi-routine when I go "home" to visit Katie.  We wake up early, grab coffee, get ready, take photos, thrift, rinse + repeat.  Sometimes we change it up, but we know if we aren't leaving the city limits -- our options are limited.  On the way to Katie's from my parents house, I always pass this little teal house and think "well that's sort of quirky for Augusta".  So one day, being who we are, Katie and I stopped to investigate... and we found Love's Wedding Chapel.  Initially, we stopped in, snapped a few photos and left but that wasn't enough for us so, we went back and that is when we met Reverend Betty Love. Yep, that's her real name.  She was amazing

This sweet little lady with flowers in her hair was pulling out of the building and she stops the car, gets out and, without missing a beat, asks "So, are y'all getting married?" (sidebar: incredibly rare question for someone to ask in Augusta). We laughed and said we were already married but, she took us inside for a tour regardless.  The interior, like the exterior, was a kistchy delight and she sat us down and told us stories about the Augusta riots in the '70s, the time James Brown called and personally thanked her and the Three Kings (Martin Luther, Elvis and James Brown).  We could've sat around listening to her talk for hours.  Katie and I tend to stumble upon peculiar happenings regularly, but we were happy we finally remembered to document one so we could share it with y'all.

One last thing!  We took all these photos on our iPhones and since A Beautiful Mess launched their new app last week, A Color Story, and it was my turn to do the editing on the blog, I decided to edit everything using the app.  I've been playing with it all week and I'm obsessed -- I absolutely love it. The whole post is edited using the app but I did a couple before and after's below.  The app is free but, I spent the $7.99 for all the add-ons so I could start picking favorites to use regularly.  Download it and have fun, it's so worth it even if you're using the free version.

Wheels & Dollbaby + Pink Collar Life

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Brigitte Bardot Dress c/o Wheels & Dollbaby
AmandaMansfield Masquerade Purse in Pink - The Pink Collar Life
Do I Love You? Brooch - Merriweather  |  Ballet III Flats - Melissa

KatieLucille's Ball Purse in Classic Black - The Pink Collar Life
Pink Bombshell Brooch - Merriweather  |  Mandalaye Flats - Amazon

You've probably heard of Wheels & Dollbaby, especially since they're the brand behind the infamous Dita Von Teese Cardigan (aka the most amazing cardigan ever).  We love that Wheels & Dollbaby has the ability to create clothing that is both cute and simultaneously sexy.  The Brigitte Bardot Dress is the perfect dress for branching out of our comfort zone, even in the most subtle way.  At first glance, it probably looks like it falls within our normal attire, and parts of it do -- it has layers of built-in tulle so you can ditch the petticoat + has a velvet belt and detailing (much like those on the Dita Cardigan).  But, it also features a shorter hemline and neckline (we'll be honest here, we aren't wearing bras, none of ours were plunge-y enough haha).  The dress offers the same luxurious quality that we've come to expect from Wheels & Dollbaby but we will say, consider sizing down and if you're tall, expect the dress to be quite short. 

As for our accessories: we have this deep-seeded love affair for the ladies over at The Pink Collar Life.  I (Amanda) started talking to Tara via Instagram a few years ago and we chatted about our love for Harry Potter and pretty dresses and she's one of those people I've loved keeping up with and trading comments with ever-since -- one day we hope to unite with these blonde bombshells and explore the red-heads only room at Max Factor.  We were so excited when Tara and Ashlyn started blogging but we were inexplicably stoked when they expanded their brand and launched a shop.  We adore these bags and knew we needed them as soon as the sneak peak was released.  We (of course) have more of their wares and we can't wait to share those with y'all.  Seriously, go check out their shop, they're the sweetest.

Q + A, Part I

Friday, January 22, 2016

I'll be the first to admit, that we dreaded filming this video.  We've been putting off filming a video for as long as we could... which is probably why our preferred forum for sharing little pieces of ourselves is our blog and not YouTube haha.  But, here it is!  We realized mid-way through that there were WAY more questions than we could ever answer in one video (or even 3 or 4).  So, we suppose this will be the first in a little series of Q+A videos!  We hope you guys have fun learning a little more about us.  Please excuse all the awkwardness, crazy faces, hand dancing and constant cut screens... we have the mouths of sailors and were doing our absolute best to keep it clean.... and we failed.

And just in case you can't get the embedded video above to work for you, you can watch it here.

Modern Millie

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Katie:  Black and White Trapeze Dress c/o Modern Millie Shop | Kacey Flats - Amazon 
Red Atomic Brooch - Match Accessories   |  Wellesley Neda Pillbox Red Wallet - Kate Spade

Amanda: Black and White Floral Dress c/o Modern Millie Shop  |  Grant Street Feather Cosmetic Case - Kate Spade  |  Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Shoes Anglomania Heels - eBay (similar)

It's our favorite time of the month:  Amanda's monthly trip to Georgia!  This is the first time that we've seen each other since before Christmas, and it has been so long overdue.  We, of course, caught up over grande cups of Starbucks coffee...even though we were both distraught that the seasonal drinks are not longer offered.  Amanda usually shows up in PJs at 8 am with coffee in hand or to whisk me away to our favorite local shop.  We got ready together, exchanged some new makeup and hair tips we learned and  after becoming happily caffeinated, we braved the chilly morning air to take some pictures.

These black and white dresses from Modern Millie Shop are the perfect base for different colored accessories and color palettes.  We opted for romantic shades of pink and red, but can't wait to try these with other color options.  Modern Millie is a brick + mortar store that just branched out to include a webstore and they carry a lot of popular vintage reproduction brands that we're all familiar with like the Hell Bunny dress Amanda is wearing, but they also carry smaller, lesser known brands.  Also, they have plans for brand expansion to keep an eye out if you're search for something, because you never know, they might have it!  Carrying a range of brands means the price point is varying, which is awesome since we are in a money-saving mode after Christmas. Excited to have a new place to check into regularly when I'm in the mood to shop.

Vintage, Bettie Page Waves Tutorial

Monday, January 18, 2016

People have been asking about this style a lot lately on Instagram so, I thought I'd put it on the blog.  I'll start by saying that full credit for this tutorial goes to Jasmin a/k/a Vintage Vandalizm.  I love following her fashion and beauty adventures and  I learned to do this hairstyle by watching her YouTube tutorial.  If you want to learn to do the style, I recommend watching her video.  If you want to see freeze frame step-by-step photos of someone doing the style after you're done watching the video version, pop back here, or you can attempt to tackle it through my photographic version.  Either way, here's what you'll need:

What You'll Need
1.  1" Curling Iron (mine is Hot Tools)  |  2.  Suavecita (optional)  |  3.  Brush  |  4.  Duck Bill Clips
5.  Comb  |  6.  Wide Tooth Rattail Comb  |  7.  Butterfly Clips 
8.  Hairspray (mine is TIGI Masterpiece) |  9.  Dry Shampoo (optional, mine is Bedhead Rockaholic)

For a little explanation of the optional things, I use the dry shampoo to add some texture to my hair in the very beginning and the Suavecita at the end to smooth it out a bit and to tame the new growth that likes to stick up in the front of my hair.  Everything else are things Jasmin recommended and found them all incredibly useful, if not necessary for the style.  I'm still working out the kinks and learning to perfect this hairstyle, but here we go! Also, for reference, I'm working on second day hair that has already been heat styled once (same style).

If you chose to use dry shampoo spray it in your hair and work it through. If not, first you're going to brush out your hair with your actual brush and then you'll part your hair and start sectioning it with your butterfly clips, I do one butterfly clip for each side.  If you part your hair on the side like I do, your sections will be a little uneven but you'll let a little hair down at a time to work with from each side. It takes me about 5 sections on the left side and 3 on the right.

Now, you'll take your curing iron and start curling your hair.  You're probably going to want to check our Jasmin's YouTube tutorial for this part, it definitely helps to see it but, take your hair and twist it around the barrel of your curling iron until you reach almost the end and then HOLD THE END.  Yep, it can get a little annoying and you will probably burn yourself at least once (I did) but it pulls the hair tight and insures even curling through the whole piece of hair.  All your curls need to be done in the same direction, on both sides, so your waves will lock together later.

Keep doing this with your first section of hair and when you're all done, you'll look sort of hilarious, as seen in the above-right photo.  After you finish each section, hairspray your progress.

This is more of what I explained above. Let a little down, clip the rest, curl it. Spray it with hairspray. repeat.  When you're all done your whole head will be a mess of spiral curl ridiculousness, as seen in the bottom right photo.  Now, grab your Wide Tooth Rattail Comb and scroll down a 1 GIF and 2 photos later, I just wanted gratuitous documentation of this part.

I did a little GIF of this because its my favorite part.  Take the Wide Tooth Rattail Comb and either starting at the top or bottom (I've tried both ways, it doesn't really matter in my opinion but I think technically you're suppose to start at the bottom) start pulling your comb through the spiral curls and taming those things.  It's going to take a good bit of combing.  You can probably tell in the photo on the right, I'm still learning, my waves don't totally "sync/lock together" with one another but that's OK. Practice makes perfect!

Now, take your duck bill clips and place them where your waves lock together (or you know, where the majority of them do) and hairspray them for a more exaggerated effect.  Sometimes, I'll even get my blowdryer out and blowdry the hairspray for some added hold.  I'll usually leave the duck bill clips in my hair until I'm done with my makeup.  Once your hairspray is dry, take the clips out, if your hair is a little crunchy, you can comb it again with the Wide Tooth Rattail Comb.

After that, I usually put some Suavecita on my hands and gently run them over the top because I have really thick hair and the humidity here and in Georgia makes it really frizzy.  Then I'll go over my roots and the front area with the smaller, finer tooth black comb. Voila!

There you go!  I hope seeing this helped you ladies a little bit or just gave you quick, direct link to Jasmin's YouTube tutorial.  Happy 2016!

// Don't forget, if you ever have questions about our hair + makeup we actually keep a hair + makeup section of our blog, which can be found in the left sidebar under the "search" option, or you can click here.