Ashcroft + Formosa

Friday, December 30, 2016

Katie:  Ashcroft Floral Emerald Green Swing Dress c/o Unique Vintage | Lipstick Pin - Besame
Black Purse c/o Lola Von Rose | Black Kitten Heels - DSW | Apricot Creame Rouge c/o Besame

Amanda: Formosa Swing Dress in Emerald + Ivory c/o Unique Vintage  |  Hat - vintage (similar)
WWII Buddy Brooch - vintage (here)  |   Leopard Heels - Kensie (similar)
Noir Red Lipstick - Besame Cosmetics

It's rare for us to both be in 1940s style, but when we saw these emerald beauties from Unique Vintage we absolutely wanted to post them together.  In a dream world, we would be able to take pictures together, but sadly being long distances BFFs doesn't give us that luxury.  It's bittersweet, but honestly, it makes our time together that much more special.  So just squint your eyes a little bit and pretend that we are both together frolicking in a winter wonderland.  Speaking of that, we are SO stoked that Christmas decor is still up in our cities.  We are not ready for Christmas to be over so we are soaking up every second we have.  Please don't judge us....or do..really either way, we just f*cking love Christmas and you will probably see posts with Christmas decor scenery into January.

1940s style suits Amanda perfectly.  She always looks poised and graceful, and her lovely curls just make for a picture perfect image.  I'm definitely not as put together, but something about 1940s-inspired dresses just instantly makes me feel more confident!  I especially love that both the Formosa Swing Dress in Emerald + Ivory and the Ashcroft Floral Emerald Green Swing Dress are basic enough so accessories can be bold, like badass leopard heels.  We followed Unique Vintage's size charts, which we always find pretty accurate.  Sizing up is likely best for those with bigger busts, but aside from that we thought the sizing was standard.

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Smoke Leopard + Dark Floral

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

 Wind Heels in Black c/o Restricted Shoes  |  Bracelets - Splendette  |  Black Beret - Amazon

KatieWest Gate in Olive Booties c/o Restricted Shoes | Long Sleeve Faux-Wrap Dress - ModCloth
Heart Brooch - Match Accessories  |  Leopard Coat - Free People (Old, gift from Manda <3 )

We're back from our little holiday break!  We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas, we hope you got some time off and enjoyed spending it with friends, family or hell, just not being at work.  We both spent lots of time with family and loved every second of it.  Plus, it was nice to get away with wearing pajamas all day and eating candy for breakfast with no judgment (speaking of PJs... my bar studying officially ramps up on 1/1/17 so if anyone has recommendations for any amazing PJ's send 'em my way!)

We've been obsessed with darker floral prints and darker colors like burgundy and black this month and here they are again.  We generally believe that we dress seasonally inappropriate basically all the time but, lately we've really been inspired by the darker days and colder temperatures to change things up.  We have to admit that we miss our sundresses though, but for now, it feels nice to be wrapped up in coats + warm layers and to rock closed to toes like our picks from Restricted Shoes so we don't have to remember to paint our toenails ;)

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Friday Favorites #76

Friday, December 23, 2016

I was all geared up this week to do another holiday themed Friday Favorites post and realized Christmas is in TWO DAYS!  I got so busy at work - Plaintiffs always seem more willing to settle their lawsuits at the end of the year, I assume because people want money around the holidays - and starting my study plan for the bar exam that it just snuck up on me!  So, in lieu of a themed post, we're taking it back to the tried and true "whatever I add to my favorites over a two week period" method. haha

I told y'all weeks ago that it was going to be my personal year of plaid but for the colder seasons, I also love a good "dark floral" and my hands down favorite this year are the assorted colorways of the Fallflower Print (seen in 3 and 8) by Hearts and Found.  I talk about this shop constantly but seriously y'all, if you haven't invested in one of their pieces yet, you're missing out and I don't think I've ever said that.  I also really love the Janet Swing Dress in Dark Gray with Red Trim since it's the perfect mix of cute and classy and I might have to order myself one soon.

Kathryn Burnett / Via Facebook: kathryn.burnett.35
Oh my god... this lady's Harry Potter themed Christmas tree gives me a new life goal and now I need a second Christmas tree so I can make this happen.  Katie and I always go crazy at Universal and now I know what to do with all the things I buy...  There are more/up close photos here.

via Adam Ellis Art
I cried laughing at these nail polish shades. Adam Ellis clearly has a full grasp of my holiday feelings, I think my personal favorite might be "You brought a pecan pie when you knew I was bringing a pecan pie?"... because we've all had those "dessert table has 4 of the same desserts" feelings.

Also, Playful Promises Lingerie just launched a Bettie Page Lingerie line and it's absolutely adorable, I posted this photo on my Instagram yesterday but I wanted to reiterate that I love it and it still makes me feel like all I want for Christmas is my rich husband's death.

Here are some other adorable things I found while lurking the interweb this week:

// Bonus: if you haven't seen this article already, peruse 43 Interesting Vintage Snapshots of Women Posing by Christmas Trees in the 50s-60s because some of them are hilarious.  I'm especially impressed by the people who have mounted their Christmas tree color wheel to the ceiling.

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Pink Lemonade + Mermaid

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

KatiePink Lemonade Bobbie Jumper c/o Miss Fortune | High-Waist Jean - American Apparel Minnetonka Moccasins - Amazon | Pink Cherry Brooch - Luxulite

AmandaMermaid Bobbie Jumper c/o Miss Fortune  |  Victory Red Pin - Besame Cosmetics
Denim Overall Flare Skirt Jumper via the TOBS Original "Thread & Mitre" Collection
Marissa Heels in Marine c/o Miz Mooz  |  Bracelets - Splendette

We are always on the hunt for vintage sweaters, because they make the perfect first layer when you're needing to bundle up.  Unfortunately, we run into a lot of moth-eaten, falling apart sweaters on our hunt so vintage reproduction is definitely a great option for us.  Last year, almost to the day, we first blogged Miss Fortune's amazing harlequin jumpers.  We were delighted when the new colorways were released, because a gal can never have too much harlequin in her wardrobe.

We have found that these jumpers are the perfect statement piece no matter what you pair them with. We have worn them with skirts, high-waisted pants, denim and even shorts.  The quality and construction really reminds us of true vintage pieces, which makes these jumpers a staple for us in the winter.  We especially love how stretchy they are so they accommodate different undergarments and any weight gain from all of the food this time of year.  If you have a longer torso, like me (Katie), you may run into the issue of the jumper coming slightly untucked since they are cropped for high waist items.  I have only had this issue with some high rise jeans and capris, but generally it's an easy fix of tucking the jumper into any shorts shapewear I have on.  They are a little loose on us, but it's nothing washing on hot can't fit. ;)

// Check out our review of the Thread + Mitre Denim Jumper here if you'd like more info about it.

Fatale La Reine + Southern Belle

Monday, December 19, 2016

Katie: Fatale La Reine Embroidered Prom Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Company
Masquerade Hand Bag - The Pink Collar Life | Faux Fur Stole - Amazon
Black Mary Jane Heels - ModCloth (Similar) | Lipstick - Dusty Rose (Besame)

 AmandaFatale Southern Belle Embroidered Prom Dress c/o The Pretty Dress Company
Faux Fur Wrap - Amazon  |  Kid Pump (85mm) - Christian Louboutin (purchased pre-loved)

We don't get the chance to dress up often, but we've had our eyes on these The Pretty Dress Company Fatale Dresses since the Red Rose version was released a while back!  Initially, we intended to wear them together to celebrate Amanda's graduation from law school (yay, Amanda!) but sadly, my dental surgery prohibited me from attending.  We were super bummed, but still wanted to take these beautiful dresses out since they deserved the attention!

We both were freezing, but luckily our faux fur was the perfect glamorous touch + helped us stay warm.  Usually we would feel out of place in full glam attire, but Amanda visited the famous Hermitage Hotel in Nashville and I strolled around one of the largest and most historic homes in South Carolina so, these dresses from The Pretty Dress Company were the perfect touch.

Since they're a pricier item, we wanted to include some details for y'all in case you were pondering picking one up for yourself!  They're fully lined with a built in petticoat but there's still room to add one of your own.  The zipper is in the back (not on the side, ugh dreaded side zips) and the bodice is lined with corset boning.  We do still find the UK8 is a bit loose on us but these are totally unaltered and we were able to wear them out of the box with very little issue, we slipped them on over Gossard Plunge Bras and Rago Leg Shapers as foundation wear.  Now we just cannot wait until our next fancy event so we can show up looking like real life Disney princesses.

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