June's Living Room Tour

Monday, November 2, 2015

Katie came to visit this weekend and while we recover from all the running around, the time change and Daylight Savings Time, we thought it'd be the perfect time to pop in and do an installment in the June's Little Home series; it's been quite a long time since the last one.  My living room just might be my favorite room in the house.  Our house was built in the '40s and they added on to it bit by bit throughout the '50s and '60s so it has touches of each decade;  I love the corner fireplace and huge windows in this room.  I did a post on this room wayyyyy back when we first started blogging and I realize now, the room really hasn't changed much.

Collin + I agreed when we first purchased our home that because this is the first room people walk into, we wanted it to be an equal mix of both our personalities, sort of a Mid-Century Morbid type deal.  Collin has been collecting vintage curiosities and osteology for years (we don't hunt, all our pieces are '50s or older) and I keep every book I read and pick up little vintage knick knacks anytime I see a cool, inexpensive one.  Even though we're constantly rotating stuff from other rooms in + out and adding new things, this is the result, a colorful, quiet little room that's my favorite place to study and read.

What does your favorite room in your house look like?

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