Geek Media Expo // Wilma + Betty

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jessica of Jessica's House of Cosplay
June: Betty Rubble Dress - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  nude flats - Amazon  |  black wig - Etsy
Amelia: Wilma Flintstone Dress - Stop Staring!  |  nude flats - Amazon
Capes - handmade  |  bone clasps - etsy |  jewelry - handmade

We hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We spent the weekend together in Nashville, because in addition to Halloween it was also Collin's birthday and the Geek Media Expo.  After our fantastic time at Dragon Con we asked y'all what our next cosplay should be, and a TON of you suggested Wilma and Betty from The Flintstone's.  We decided to do our spin on it and based our outfits off of these amazing Barbie's that we stumbled upon.  We felt like the epitome of Bedrock Bombshells in this rendition of Betty and Wilma using dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing + Stop Staring.  We made the shawls + jewelry ourselves.

When we heard about Geek Media Expo, we were stoked to attend a smaller event together, and still get to practice on our cosplay + costuming abilities.  GMX is an annual event, and is becoming one of the largest conventions in Tennessee.  We spent a few hours in the morning at GMX, and saw a ton of amazing vendors and costumes.  Our favorite costume was definitely Jessica of Jessica's House of Cosplay who was dressed up as Sally from the The Nightmare Before Christmas (a personal favorite of ours).  She even had Zero, whose little pumpkin nose lit up, which was freakin' perfect.  We also caught a glimpse of some amazing people dressed as Peter Quill and Kitty Pryde, Ant Man and Castiel.

We'll definitely be snapping more photos next time.  It's hard not to get caught up in the surroundings and remember to take an actual picture as opposed to a mental one.  Where were the guys during this whole thing, you ask? Well... they found the game room.

How was your Halloween?  Have you ever been to a similar convention? 

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