Friday Favorites #55

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dress Up Outfit

Dress Down Outfit
Earrings: Gold Glitter Vixen Hoop  |  Brooch: Grey Wolf Brooch  |  Shoes: Melikah Flats

To make our Friday Favorites posts (which are admittedly infrequent), I start wishlisting, favoriting, liking things, etc. throughout the week and I usually luck into a general theme.  This week, I think i was torn between my desire to be comfortable and my love for cooler weather and plaid, so you get 2 outfits in 1! haha.

That moment when you start getting to break out your winter wool skirts!  This is as many as I could fit in a photo, but it's one of my favorite "collections" and I can't wait to wear them all and snag some more! <3

This beautiful photo is the first in a series of photos by tumblr user Joyce a/k/a Omoi-Kiri.  It's from Nara Dreamland, a Disneyland inspired theme park in Japan that shut down in 2006 and is a popular place for urban explorers.  The rest of the adventure can be found here.  I spent such a long time exploring these photos because they're amazing!

Selina  |  Harley  | Ivy
As comic book enthusiasts, we were incredibly stoked to see these new brooch editions to Pinup Girl Clothing's website.  We may normally be drawn a little more towards the Marvel-verse, but these DC villainess' are going to be too good to pass up.   

Our friend Kelsey's brother was 21 and was diagnosed with testicular cancer and unfortunately,  passed away this week.  To help offset the sudden, unexpected funeral expenses and medical bills, she's selling these three (3) prints to put towards those expenses, her shop can be found here.  You've seen her art on our blog before, she made the pin for my bachelorette party, we've worn the shirts she sells and we love her so much as an artist and a person, we'd love to help her as best we can.  She is the most amazing, thoughtful lady and our hearts go out to Kelsey and her family in this difficult time.

Last, we currently caught an awesome sale by The Original Bad Girl, we've blogged some of their pieces in the past (here) but I think I'm forming an addiction, I'm in love with these vintage reproduction tops and I can't wait for their new pieces to be released!

What are your favorite things this Friday?

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