Friday Favorites #54

Friday, November 6, 2015

We mentioned it already but last weekend, Katie + Michael were in Nashville for Collin's birthday.  The drive from Augusta to Nashville is about 6 hours but the last few times we've driven back and forth there has been INSANE construction, so the drive turns into about 8 hours instead.  To keep whoever is stuck in the car from going insane we work on our calendar, answer emails and (of course) lurk the internet for cute things to send back and forth!  These are some of the things we found while Katie was in the car for 8 hours (haha) and we thought they'd be perfect for Friday Favorites, which we are admittedly terrible at remembering to do regularly.  I instagrammed a skirt from Hearts and Found a few weeks ago, but I'm absolutely addicted so I wanted to share her shop with y'all on the blog.  I think the skirt pictured above will be in my next order.

This trip was a little bit (or a lot) of a whirlwind for us.  We were incredibly busy and it rained the entire time so we snapped photos when we could, drank a lot of coffee, ended up at a "play all day" arcade trying to get our initials in the top 10 (we succeeded), slept very little and just had an amazing time.  We even found a Gloria Jeans which we didn't know exited anymore and in case you're wondering, it's just as sugary and syrupy as it was when we were 14, hanging out at the mall.

Most of the time when we're together we don't stop going so, it was nice to have some time to build a fire, eat pizza and watch Rick and Morty.  At the very end of the weekend, we went shopping, Kate Spade had a sale... it was dangerous, but we walked out with the same sparkly, rose gold bag because it was too good to pass up.  Weekends like this remind us that we're so lucky that we're best friends who married best friends. 

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