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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Amelia: The fair Fair Isle Sweater + Cardigan in Wine & the Sweetest Swing Skirt c/o emmy design
Mustard Heels - Chelsea Crew (Similar) | Carved Bow Brooch - MerriWeather 

June: Ice Skater Cardigan in Mustard + Sweetest Swing Skirt in Wine c/o emmy design
white blouse - vintage (similar)  |  Bomb Brooch - MerriWeather  |  Brown Heels - Modcloth (similar)
Lip Color: Cherry Red - B├ęsame Cosmetics

On the personal side of things, we've had a really crazy week!  It was my last week as a 3L law school student (if I pass all my finals *wink*) and Katie has a new nephew!  Because of this, we've been spending a lot of time in our 9-5 offices, coffee shops and hospitals so we've been taking the comfy route over the cute one!  That being the case, it was nice to take some time to dress up, especially in these particular pieces. 

The fair Fair Isle Sweater + Cardigan Katie is wearing has the look and feel of an authentic vintage sweater set and comes in three different colors.  It's the perfect thing for this rainy, chilly weather that the South has been having lately. The Ice Skater Cardigan I'm wearing is actually a cropped cardigan, intended to end at the waist of a lady of average build (on my petite frame, it's a bit long but I was able to wrinkle it up a bit and get the intended look).  The Sweetest Swing Skirts we're both wearing are lined, have pockets and are actually full enough to wear a petticoat under, though we chose not to.

Everything emmy design creates is beautifully crafted and well-designed, and these pieces are no different.  After first discovering emmy on Modcloth, we've featured them on the blog a few times (like here) and have developed a real appreciation and love for their clothing and are always eager to see what will end up on the site every season.  We've had a few people note how that the clothing is a little on the expensive side, but we find that the quality and attention to detail is 100% worth the price (and they have wonderful sales)!  If you're pondering a purchase and have any questions, we'd love to help of we can. <3

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