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Monday, November 16, 2015

Miu Miu Havanna Marble Sunnies c/o DITTO  |  Dita Cardigan in Wine Red - Wheels & Dollbaby
Black Darling Tulle Skirt - Windsor (similar)  |  Rose Gold Glitter Tote - Kate Spade (in-store outlet)
Cherry Heels are an Yves Saint Laurent/Tom Ford collaboration for her 2003 Fall/Winter collection

I'm flying solo today on the blog to share a little about a company I decided to try out on a whim.  DITTO (who carries designer glasses + sunglasses) contacted us asking if we'd be interested in their program.  Initially, I thought "I don't know how much use a pair of non-prescription sunglasses would actually be to me" but then I realized how many pairs of cheap, non-prescription sunglasses I own, so that was sort of a moot point.  I approach my wardrobe in a sort of "catch and release" fashion, I hunt things down I love but I eventually, I let them go after loving them for a while (except for a select few pieces).  This is even more true with accessories.

I'm not a part of any monthly subscription services, they've just never appealed to me and I always sort of felt like I'd forget to return something or I was throwing money away, etc.  But, I actually really like this program for a few reasons.  I love seeing what designer's like Miu Miu, Karen Walker and Zac Posen are coming out with, but I know I can't afford them and I definitely can't afford to buy them and put my prescription in them too.  DITTO's program is super easy.  You:
        1. Select a pair of glasses
        2. Keep them as long as you want
        3. Swap them anytime, free shipping both ways
        4. You can keep them if you love them and you'll get 15% off the retail price listed on the website
A subscription is about $24/month in comparison to the $500+ retail tag on the Miu Miu Sunnies I'm wearing.  Full disclosure, we did get our subscription gifted to us, but if our partnership with DITTO ended, I think it would be something I'd continue to use.  It'd be great to try something out I was considering buying online, have different options to feature on the blog, etc.

// If you're interested in trying DITTO, use promo code "JUNEBUGS" to get your first month for free or if you'd rather have a $50 credit, comment your email in the comment section.

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